The "Home Alone" House rented it on Airbnb

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The movie "Alone at Home" marked our childhood. We grew up with this movie, and we've always enjoyed watching it every year around Christmas. The movie "Home Alone" will always remain in our souls, no matter how many times we watched it. The "Home Alone" trilogy marks the beginning of the cold season and foretells the celebration of Christmas. Kevin McCallister proves to us every year that he is good when his family forgets him at home. If you stay home alone, you can call your friends :).

To celebrate the release of Home Sweet Home Alone, the movie's older brother - Buzz - will be hosting a night at his childhood home while the McCallister family leaves for the holidays. Related to the movie Home Sweet Home Alone, it airs on Disney +.

Airbnb comes with a fantastic surprise for the fans of this trilogy. The real house where the classic "Home Alone" was filmed will be available for rent starting December 7th. The host will be Buzz, Kevin's brother in the movie. Those interested will be able to book a one-night stay for December 12, which will cost $ 25 / person.

Only four guests will have the opportunity to relive their favorite scenes from "Home Alone". They will be able to set traps, enjoy the best pizza in Chicago and a candlelit dinner. There will be traditional Christmas lights. Exact address to be provided after booking!

Single House Home - decorated for Christmas

Guests will be required to comply with all local COVID-19 measures, which include wearing a mask and practicing physical distance. Guests are responsible for their journey to and from Chicago. Airbnb closely monitors Chicago infection rates and government policies. It will offer guests booking a $ 1.000 Airbnb travel credit if required to cancel their stay.

The famous bed in the Home Alone

We remind you that the "Home Alone" trilogy can be watched on Antena 1, on December 4, 11,18, XNUMX. As you well know: Home Alone 1 Kevin is forgotten at home; Home Alone 2 is with Kevin lost in New York; Home Alone 3 it is with Alex Pruitt (Alex D. Linz) that he defends his house in front of thieves. It is true that the third film in the trilogy no longer stars Macaulay Culkin.

But the Home Alone trilogy didn't just stop at the three movies, it went on Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2002), Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist (2012) and Home Alone 6: Home Sweet Home Alone (2021).

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