The heavy snowfall affected the flight schedule at Timisoara Airport

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The airport employees are already intervening for over 36 hours constantly at the runway, the toll roads, the aircraft parking platform, but also at the defrosting of the planes.

Poor weather conditions, low visibility, low visibility, but also large amounts of snow have sometimes made the work futile. Snow was quickly depositing on both the moving surfaces and the fuselage of the aircraft, making it impossible to take off.

 Flights canceled and delayed in Timisoara

On the morning of December 16, two races (Madrid and Bergamo) were canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions in Timisoara.

The Frankfurt-Timisoara and return flight was canceled due to the snowfall at Frankfurt-am-Main airport, and another flight to Bucharest was canceled for operational reasons.

During today, some flights may have 15-20 minutes delays due to de-icing and anti-icing operations, but passengers are required to show up at the airport by scheduled time for boarding.

At the time of publication of this article, several flights appear with significant delays, both at landing and at take-off.

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