Heinrich Vystoupil is the new head of the Tarom Board of Directors

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Yesterday the new one was chosen Tarom Board of Directors, who will lead Heinrich Vystoupil (former Austrian Airlines general manager for Romania and Moldova).

The complete list includes: cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu, Dan Pascariu (President of Unicredit Tiriac Bank), Lucian Isar (former delegate minister for the business environment), the businessman Marius Ghenea, Valentin Macec (former president of the Board and advisor to the Minister of Transport, Ovidiu Silaghi) and Ciprian Ladunca (former financial director Alico Asigurări).

The list of the future members of the TAROM Board of Directors was presented by the Minister of Transport, Ovidiu Silaghi. He specified that the next steps are the registration of members to the Trade Register, the signing of the mandate contract, lasting 4 years, with them, and next week will be organized the first meeting with the new CA of the company Tarom. The future CEO of Tarom will be most likely elected among the 7 members of the Board.

Below you can read an interesting statement given by the former president of the CA, Valentin Macec:

"Tarom can become profitable in 3 years. We will not increase the price of tickets or make redundancies, we will rather reduce fares, because we are in a competitive market. In maximum 2 months we will have a clear situation of the company and we will inform you what is the strategy regarding the privatization of the company. Personally, if I were an investor, I would prefer to take over 50 plus 1% of the company and not just 20 percent. "

The Tarom Board of Directors will also establish the recovery strategy, as well as the plan for the transfer of 20% of the company's shares.

I believe that work can be done at TAROM without giving up the share package. The members of the TAROM Board of Directors are people with experience in business, even if not all of them have a connection with the aviation industry. Ultimately, the goal is to make TAROM a profitable airline.

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