Henri Coandă Airport received the COVID-19 pandemic Health Accreditation Certificate

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Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (AIHCB) received the Health and Safety Accreditation Certificate from the International Council of Airports (Airport Council International - ACI World).

Accreditation was carried out following a detailed assessment of the measures taken, in terms of health and safety for passengers and employees, on the AIHCB.

In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Bucharest Airports National Company implemented, at the airports it manages, all the measures provided in the legal requirements and national and international regulations, but also the recommendations coming from the international civil aviation bodies. At the same time, CNAB requested the accreditation of these measures, on passenger health and safety, from ACI World, for AIHCB.

Henri Coandă Airport has received the accreditation of the International Council of Airports for Health (Airport Health Accreditation)

In order to accredit AIHCB within the Airport Health Accreditation program, the protection measures taken in the passenger terminal, in public areas, but also in all points of interaction with passengers - check-in, security control, border control and customs were evaluated. , embarkation / disembarkation, baggage retrieval.

At the same time, the measures taken for the protection and training of airport staff, for cooperation with other entities, but also for infrastructure and operational and maintenance activities were evaluated. Communication, especially with the public, was an important chapter in the evaluation. All elements subject to evaluation were supported by official documents, including joint action plans and specific procedures applied, and were accompanied by records.

"After evaluating the evidence presented through our evaluation process, your airport has demonstrated that it provides a safe airport experience for all passengers, an experience that is in line with the recommended health measures set out in the ACI guidelines on restarting and recovering aviation business, in the recommendations Working Group of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization, as well as with best practices in the industry " is shown in the congratulatory letter sent by Luis Felipe de Oliveira, General Manager of ACI World.

"This accreditation is an important step in maintaining the confidence of passengers, but also of airport employees (ours or other entities - airlines or handling, state institutions, etc.) that we have taken and continue to take all necessary measures to protecting their health and safety. It is also an important step in our efforts to restore activity and return to normal the aviation industry, severely affected by the pandemic. " said Florin Dimitrescu, General Manager of CN Aeroporturi București.

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