Henri Coanda Express again on the lines (the program)

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Henri Coanda Express, the train that connects the North Railway Station to the Halta Otopeni Airport Stop Point, has been put back into service starting today, March 23. The train was initially suspended due to inefficiency. The decision was made by CFR Călatori earlier this year. The truth is, he wasn't trafficked. At Baneasa Airport you can easily reach with a series of RATB lines, and at Otopeni Airport with 2012 RATB Expres lines and taxis.

The utility of the CFR line becomes greater as the low cost flights will move to Otopeni. As of March 25, all low-cost aircraft will operate from Henri Coanda Airport (Otopeni). The flow of passengers to and from the airport will increase, and the current means of safe transport will not meet the requirements of passengers.

At the airport's request, CFR Călatori decided to re-commission the Henri Coanda Expres gasket, but in a two-month experimental regime. The trains will run between 06.25 and 21.24, at intervals of one hour, on the route North Railway Station and Stopping Point Halta Otopeni Airport and a ticket costs 8,10 lei, and a monthly subscription 136 of lei (rates include transfer by minibus). The minibuses for the transfer of passengers between the departure / arrival terminals of the airport and the Stopping Point Airport stop (the place / station where the trains stop), circulate in a schedule adapted to the train schedule.

I hope people use RATB / CFR and less taxis, at least during the day. With this opportunity I can even get cheaper out of pocket.

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