Henri Coandă International Airport, details on the state of the infrastructure

Starting with the statements made by the Pro Infrastructure Association, Henri Coandă International Airport comes with details on the state of the infrastructure.

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Today, in the public space, a statement made by the Pro Infrastructure Association appeared, criticizing the state of the infrastructure at Henri Coandă International Airport.

Specifications regarding the state of the infrastructure

Under these conditions, the Henri Coandă International Airport makes details regarding the mentioned event and the state of the infrastructure.

In view of the situation reported by the media, regarding the fact that "one piece of the runway was completely dislocated" and that "more than an hour later, Henri Coandă International Airport was completely closed to air traffic", we make the following details:

- When the El-Al flight took off from runway 08R on Friday, March 30, operated with a Boeing 747-400 aircraft, there was an exfoliation of the asphalt wear state, with a thickness of 0,6 cm.

- This type of aircraft operates, according to the certificate of authorization issued by AACR, with special measures. Thus, according to the procedure in force, immediately after take-off, a special inspection was carried out on the runway surface and, as a result, intervention was taken to eliminate the non-compliance in order to conduct air traffic safely.

- In 10 minutes, the traffic was redirected to the 08L track, the operational safety not being affected.

We also specify that, in order to maintain the safety of the air operations, in the last years a program of current repairs at the runway 08R-26L has been permanently carried out, until now the tread area has been replaced with 80%.

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