IATA warns: Trump's decree affects cabin crews

Airlines need to adapt their cabin crew on flights to the US!

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The weekend, which has just ended, has been stirred locally, but especially internationally. The new President of the United States, <br><br>Donald Trump, signed a decree temporarily suspending access to US citizens of 7 Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Immediately after the decree was signed, several Muslim citizens were detained for landing at US airports. Others have been hit by airlines' refusal to transport them to destinations in America.

Trump's decree affects cabin crews

Today, IATA sets off an alarm signal and warns airlines about this decree. Cabin crews are also affected. Airline operators are required to reorganize the flight crew for flights to / from the United States, eliminating employees from the countries mentioned above.

The decree will also lead to significant losses among the airlines, which will have to refuse the boarding of the citizens coming from the mentioned countries.

Emirates has already announced changes to cabin crew. He did not specify how many employees are affected by the 6300, who are part of the flight crew, but said that flights to / from the US will be operated according to the schedule. He also reported a small number of passengers affected by the new decree signed by Trump.

At the moment, the Emirates business is not affected by the legislative changes. Emirates operates 17 daily flights to destinations in North America: New York, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto.

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