IATA warns: Mandatory flight mask YES / Empty seat in the middle NO.

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There are currently heated discussions about the new rules of social distance for future air travel. I mentioned many of them in an article about the alleged rules and restrictions for flights.

Some airlines (Wizz Air, AirAsia, KLM, Emirates) have already announced a number of in-flight safety and health measures. And airports have taken additional measures to ensure that passengers are kept at a distance. There have also been rumors that the risk of infection in the plane is low anyway even in the current flight conditions, without other rules. The air in the plane is filtered, purified and sterile in proportion of 99.97%.

Empty seat in the middle BA

And yet, there are voices in the World Health Organization and the European Transport Commission who will also a free seat between passengers. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has stated that it does not agree with the measure, and the explanation is simple. As long as the risk of infection is low in the plane anyway, to which we add mandatory mask for passengers and flight attendants, what's the point of that vacancy? However, a free space in the middle does not lead to the recommended distance of 1.5 - 2 meters between people.

In our opinion and in the opinion of IATA specialists, the free space can lead to more expensive plane tickets, but it will not have the desired effect in protecting passengers. More expensive flights and the fear of traveling can affect the aviation industry even more. It would be normal to find solutions for the resuscitation of the aviation industry, which is in clinical death, right?

Mandatory in-flight mask YES

"The safety of passengers and crew is paramount. The aviation industry is working with authorities and governments to resume the flight when it can be operated safely. The proof is that the risk of infection on board aircraft is low. Additional protective measures will be taken, such as the wearing of masks by passengers and crew. We need to provide reliable solutions to inspire passengers to fly. Also, keep the cost of the ticket affordable. One without the other will have no long-term benefit. " said Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and CEO of IATA.

In addition to the mask, gloves, possibly disinfectant wipes / disinfectant gel, several temporary rules are implemented: temperature control passengers, crew and airport staff; keeping your distance of 1.5 - 2 meters between passengers in the embarkation / disembarkation processes; travel limitation on the plane during the flight; frequent disinfection and sanitation of aircraft.

Where possible, COVID-19 testing will be implemented. In the airports of Dubai and from Vienna tests will already be done to detect the new coronavirus.

What do you prefer? Free space between passengers and more expensive tickets or are the other measures (mentioned above) enough, but with all the seats occupied and cheaper tickets?

  1. Gresoiu Ion says

    Resumption of flights as soon as possible, with all seats occupied and low prices. The measures taken are sufficient.

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