Hi-Q - Monday (Official Video) - with planes and aviators

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I'm not used to promoting videos, let alone on Airlines Travel, but there are exceptions when a plane appears in the middle. Hi-Q launched at the gala On Air Music Awards 2013, the new video for the song "Months".

The music: Liviu Teodorescu, Marius Moga, Ionut Vasilache
Text: Ada Moldovan, Marius Moga
Regia: Narcis Valentin Sturzu [cevadevis.ro]

Mihai he is passionate about aviation, and this year he hopes to become a pilot with documents. From passion and even a video with airplanes and aviators was just one step. The filming took place on Clinceni Aerodrome, in collaboration with the Romanian Air Club.

hi-q-month-photo-Bogdan Moldovan-thumb-540-0-192
(photo: floringrozea.com)

As for the video, I like it and it loads me with energy. I love Monday because I do what I love! I didn't expect anything like this from them and they surprised me. I congratulate them on the original idea and their courage. This shows that neither sky is the last frontier. Any other opinions, video ideas?


With Hi-Q at the On Air Music Awards 2013.

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