HipTrip - a travel movie festival

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During the 23-25 period in May, the first edition of the HipTrip Travel Film Festival will be held in Bucharest. The first festival dedicated to travel will be held at Cinema Eforie and Cinema Union and will host film screenings related to travel and workshops with professionals in the field.

The special guest of this edition is Sheriff Yenen, travel specialist, writer and director, who will present at the opening of his latest HipTrip documentary, "Istanbul Unveiled". Filmed in 2013, the documentary tells the story of a young woman of American origin, who intends to discover Istanbul other than the classic travel guides. Turkey's best-known belly dance dancer, a mason from a public bath and one of the richest women in Turkey - are just a few of the characters interviewed in the documentary. All this, accompanied by the music of Baba Zula.

Starting from the same principle, HipTrip aims to bring to the cinema the stories of places, beyond the tour guides. For three days, Cinema Union and Cinema Eforie will be running fiction films, documentaries and short films with and about travel. The event is dedicated to film lovers as well as to all those who want to discover the world through travel, by learning about new cultures, people and places. Because movies inspire travel, and travel inspire movies!

A very good idea put into practice by vivolis.ro, sponsor HipTrip. I hope to have movies with airplanes, without which we can not travel quickly to different destinations around the globe.

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