HiSky and the problems with the airline operator license

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HiSky airline launched today with trumpets and trumpets. It wants to be an airline operator with regular flights from / to the Republic of Moldova. According to the operational plan, HiSky wants direct flights from Chisinau to London (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris (France), Bologna (Italy) and Dusseldorf (Germany).

The new HiSky company

The tickets have been put up for sale and can be purchased from the HiSky.md website or from the partner agencies. According to the plan, HiSky will launch flights in April 2020. This is how the plan sounds in the press release.

But there seems to be a problem. The Civil Aviation Authority returned the package with documents to the company "HiSky", due to the expiry of the deadline for submitting the documents. HiSky has not forwarded to the Authority the supporting documents that it has prepared for commercial flights.

hisky route republic of moldova

HiSky has not obtained an airline operator license

"Based on the request of 14.11.2019 "HiSky" requested the issuance of the Air Operator Certificate. According to the letter of 23.12.2019, the Civil Aviation Authority decided to suspend the deadline for examining the application "HiSky" for reasons of non-compliance by the applicant with the legal provisions, namely - the lack of aircraft. On 22.01.2020, the deadline for examining the application has expired and the missing documents so far have not been presented. The Civil Aviation Authority issued a letter to the applicant "HiSky" on the refusal to issue the Air Operator Certificate”, Is shown in a statement issued by the representatives of the Aeronautical Authority and published by tv8.md.

And if HiSky doesn't have the right to sell air tickets and operate flights, then who will fly? According to existing information, HiSky is in partnership with the air carrier Cobrex Trans, a Romanian carrier registered in Brasov.

About Cobrex Trans I wrote when it came into the possession of the only aircraft in the fleet, a Boeing 737-300 (YR-CBK). And there was some agitation in the press when he announced routes from Suceava. But the grand plan did not materialize.

And then what can we believe? Will HiSky fly from Chisinau? Will the flights be stopped by the Cobrex Trans plane?

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