HiSky has put on sale flights to Milan and London from Baia Mare International Airport

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Starting November 10, Maramures residents can buy tickets for flights Baia Mare - Bergamo (Milan - Italy) and Baia Mare - Stansted (London - England). For the Baia Mare - Stansted flight, the flights will start on December 18 and will be operated every Wednesday and Saturday, and ticket prices start at 39.99 euros per flight.

The Baia Mare - Bergamo flight will be operated starting with December 20, every Monday and Friday of the week, and ticket prices start at 30.83 euros per flight.

The Baia Mare - Beauvais flight (Paris - France) will be operated from Maramureș Airport starting with April 8, 2022.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the company's website, respectively www.hisky.aero and to partner agencies. Maramureș County Council has made great efforts to achieve this goal, and now the people of Maramureș will be able to benefit, for the first time since the last external flight in 2009, from regular international flights, directly from Maramureș Airport. HiSky will operate international flights from Baia Mare to Milan, London and Paris on the basis of State aid amounting to EUR 800 000.

"The fact that we can announce the sale of tickets for the first regular external flights from Maramures International Airport is a very important step, both for the development of the county and the growth of Maramures Airport, and for the welfare of Maramures residents, who have long waited for the operation of external flights from our airport, mainly to these destinations. Next, we will make efforts and work to develop the airport by building a new passenger terminal and by operating new international flights to destinations desired by Maramures residents.", Said Ionel Bogdan, president of the Maramureș County Council.

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