HiSky launches three new routes departing from Bucharest: Dublin, Malaga, Brussels!

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The airline HiSky is expanding its operations from its base in Bucharest, adding three new routes. Thus, HiSky reaches four international destinations and two domestic destinations operated from Bucharest Otopeni airport. Belgium, Ireland and Spain are the countries to which Romanian passengers will be able to travel with HiSky, from the capital, from the end of this year.


HiSky is expanding its operational program from Bucharest

By opening the new routes, the company aims to respect both its growth strategy on the Romanian market and the promise to passengers, assumed with the opening of the operational base in Bucharest, in May of this year. The three new destinations, Brussels, Dublin and Malaga, were selected taking into account the travel needs of passengers for business and vacation purposes but also from the desire to create a comfortable and accessible transport alternative for Romanians living and working abroad.

"We continue to pursue the company's multi-segment growth strategy as we aim to become the leading travel option for all categories of passengers. By opening the new routes, we complete our business travel portfolio, with the destination Brussels, very well connected with our domestic flights, Bucharest – Cluj Napoca and Bucharest – Timișoara, and we add a new category of destinations departing from the capital to cities where important people live Romanian communities, Dublin and Malaga. Practically, at this moment, the Bucharest base becomes the main operating hub for HiSky and we manage to cover business traffic, city breaks, incoming tourism and the Romanian diaspora with regular routes, as well as the most popular holiday destinations, through charter flights. ", explains Mareș Cărăvan, Commercial Director of HiSky Europe.

HiSky announces flights from Bucharest to Malaga, Brussels and Dublin

The winter schedule comes into force starting on November 28, with the launch of the Bucharest - Brussels route, with three weekly flights, departing from Otopeni airport to the main airport in Brussels, Zaventem and return. Flights will be operated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday according to the schedule: Bucharest (OTP) 10:40 – 12:20 Brussels (BRU), Brussels (BRU) 13:20 – 16:50 Bucharest (OTP).

The Dublin and Malaga routes will be launched in December, the dates not being chosen by chance but to meet the Romanians who will travel to the country during the winter holidays.

Thus, the Bucharest - Dublin route will be operated from December 7, with two frequencies per week, on Wednesdays and Sundays: Bucharest (OTP) 18:30 – 20:10 Dublin (DUB), Dublin (DUB) 21:10 – 02:50 Bucharest (OTP).

On the 11th of December, the first Bucharest - Malaga and return journey will be carried out, following which this destination will also be operated with a frequency of two weekly journeys, on Thursdays Bucharest (OTP) 11:10 – 14:20 Malaga(AGP), Malaga(AGP) 15:20 – 20:10 Bucharest (OTP) and Sunday Bucharest (OTP) 07:00 – 10:10 Malaga(AGP), Malaga (AGP) 11:10 – 16:00 Bucharest (OTP).

HiSky is also introducing new passenger services

With the opening of the new destinations, HiSky also introduces new services for passengers, such as the option of shopping on board the aircraft, available on all routes, and business class available for the Bucharest - Brussels route. The price of a trip departing from Bucharest starts from 29 euros for the destination Dublin, 49 euros for the destination Buxelles and 39,90 euros for Spain, Malaga.

HiSky operates direct international flights from Romania departing from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Baia Mare airports to Tel Aviv, Brussels, Dublin, Malaga and Paris. From the Republic of Moldova, passengers can travel with HiSky to five foreign destinations, Milan, Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt and Tel Aviv. The company operates a fleet of five aircraft, with an average age of 7 years, from the Airbus A320 family. Starting from the 2023 summer season, HiSky will begin operating non-stop long-haul routes with two new Airbus A321neo LR aircraft entering the company's fleet.

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