Historical traffic at Timisoara airport / 101.423 passengers processed in one month

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July recorded a number of 101.423 passengers embarked / disembarked from Timisoara, being a record number registered on a calendar month referring to historical traffic data, compared to the same month of previous years: July 2008 - 21.362 passengers, July 2009 - 46.598 passengers, July 2010 - 62.736 passengers, July 2011 - 64.116 passengers, July 2012 - 62.148 passengers, July 2013 - 59.029 passengers, July 2014 - 69.181 passengers, July 2015 - XN.

Historical traffic at Timisoara airport


A significant weight in the traffic indicators for July is represented by passengers on holiday trips to the six destinations: from Turkey (Antalya and Bodrum) and Greece (Crete-Heraklion, Rodhos, Zakynthos and Santorini). It is expected that August will confirm the confirmed increase in air traffic.

We remind you that, starting with September 1, 2016, new destinations will be introduced that will make possible connections with important airports in Europe, respectively London-Stansted, Berlin, Dusseldorf-Weeze, as well as increased frequencies operated by Ryanair to destinations: Bucharest, Milan -Bergamo, Brussels Charleroi, Frankfurt-Hahn.

Also, from October 1 2016, passengers will be able to travel daily to destinations Iasi and Cluj, the flights being operated by Blue Air. Thus, the increase in passenger traffic during the first 8 months will accelerate until the end of the year.

Starting with September 2016, an increase in the freight traffic area at Timişoara airport is estimated, due to the measure to be taken by TNT company, respectively increasing the transport capacity from SF 34 type aircraft (maximum capacity of 3.000 kg ) to the Boeing 737 type aircraft (maximum capacity of 18.000 kg), thus increasing the freight capacity.

Based on the data presented above, the airport administration estimates that the 2016 year will be a milestone year, when the number of 1,1 million passengers boarded / disembarked at Timisoara airport will be exceeded, creating favorable premises for a number of passengers in 2017 approximately 1,5 million and over 5.000 tons of cargo.

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