Holiday travel has led to an increase in passenger air traffic in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA) welcomed approximately 3.37 million passengers in August 2021. This represents an increase of 122.9% over the previous year. This recovery was determined - in main - traffic during the summer holidays to European tourist destinations, while intercontinental traffic has been reduced due to travel restrictions.

A comparison with August 2019 shows that FRA passenger traffic in the reporting month (down 51.3%) reached almost half of the pre-pandemic level. Approximately 12.7 million passengers flew through Frankfurt between January and August 2021 - the summer season (June to August) representing only 8 million passengers. In the first eight months of 2021, FRA passenger traffic decreased by 15.3% compared to the previous year, compared to a decrease of 73.2% compared to the same traffic period in 2019.

The FRA's cargo flow (which includes air transport and air mail) maintained its growth trend in August 2021, increasing by 13.3% compared to the previous year, to 182.362 metric tons. Compared to August 2019, the tonnage of goods increased by 5.3% in the reporting month. Aircraft movements increased by 63.3% compared to the previous year, to 28.897 takeoffs and landings. The maximum accumulated weights at take-off (MTOW) increased by 55.5%, to almost 1.8 million metric tons.

Most Fraport Group airports around the world have seen significant growth rates, with some airports growing by more than 100% from last year.

Compared to August 2019, the pre-pandemic period, most Fraport Group airports around the world continued to have lower passenger numbers. However, some of the Group's airports - which serve high-demand tourist destinations (such as airports in Greece or Antalya Airport on the Turkish Riviera) - saw a return to traffic in August 2021, reaching about 80% of the levels. before the crisis.

Slovenia's Ljubljana Airport (LJU) received 73.056 passengers in August 2021. At Brazil's Fortaleza (FOR) and Porto Alegre (POA) airports, combined traffic increased to 801.187 passengers. In the Peruvian capital, Lima Airport (LIM) had more than 1.1 million passengers in the reporting month.

Total traffic for the 14 Greek regional airports increased to almost 4.5 million passengers in August 2021. On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the Twin Star airports in Burgas (BOJ) and Varna (VAR) also reported higher traffic. , with a total of 629.936 passengers served. Turkey's Antalya Airport (AYT) saw an increase in traffic to about 4.3 million passengers. St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport (LED) in Russia received about 2.1 million passengers. At China's Xi'an Airport (XIY), traffic dropped to about 1.5 million passengers.

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