How to recover money on canceled flight tickets! Request payment refusal / bank chargeback for canceled Blue Air flights.

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We are living in turbulent times in aviation and tourism, as a result of the two years of the pandemic. Inevitably, some airlines have gone bankrupt, others are facing financial problems, but there are also companies that have miraculously recovered. Unfortunately, Blue Air is one of the companies facing major liquidity problems and for the past two years they have refused to refund money to passengers affected by canceled flights.

The authorities got on the phone, but that does not mean that the problem is solved for those who were damaged. But there is a chance that those who have the money blocked at Blue Air can recover it with the help of the banks, if the payments were made by means of a bank card.

If you bought your plane tickets directly from the airline and paid with your card, you have a good chance of getting your money back by requesting a chargeback / chargeback to the bank where you have your account / card.

ING Bank Romania has issued a small guide on what you need to do to increase your chances of recovery. Below is the information for passengers issued by ING Bank Romania.

We come to the aid of ING Bank Romania customers, who are put in the situation of requesting payment refusals, as a result of the cancellation of flights in the last period, with the steps to be followed in order to correctly manage these requests.

We note that at the moment the position of the merchant on how to handle the required returns is not clear, this has an impact on the initiation of a bank dispute.

For the efficient management of these requests, it is necessary for the clients to send us the following when completing the payment refusal request:

  • Proof of merchant contact (email/printscreen)
  • The proof of the impossibility of contacting the trader, in the situation where the page has been deactivated, no longer exists (printscreen)
  • Flight confirmation/booking email
  • Proof of booking/flight cancellation (mail/printscreen)
  • Any other written evidence held regarding the disputed transaction.

Bank disputes for such situations can be initiated 15 days from the actual date of the flight, 15 days from the date of receipt of the flight cancellation confirmation or 15 days from the date on which the refund confirmation was received.

Requests for refusal to pay for canceled flights can be made both by phone (*2464 / 0314062464) and by private message on our Facebook page.

All payment refusal requests are processed in the order they are sent to the bank, but due to the high volume of requests, standard processing times may be longer.

We stand by all customers affected by these cancellations and assure them that the specialized teams dealing with receiving and processing payment refusal requests are working continuously to recover the amounts paid.

  1. Georgica Robe says

    Hello, when will we receive the money for the canceled tickets? I have 3 canceled tickets since 2020 and I have not received the money.

    1. Sorin says

      What do we have to do with the tickets? Contact the bank or the airline operator...

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