How to dress when traveling by plane! What clothes to wear on the plane for a comfortable flight!

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A vacation starts with the road to the destination. It can be traveled by personal car, bus, train or plane. We love to travel by plane and most of our holidays (city breaks in Europe and stays) started with the flight. I have over 400 active flights and I have optimized my travel habits, including how to prepare my hand luggage, but also how to dress.

In addition to luggage, we make sure to prepare the outfits we will wear on the road. We take into account the weather in the destinations from which we will leave and arrive, but also the means of transport used. In this case, we are talking about flights. It is very important to feel comfortable all the way. Keep in mind that you have to spend some time at the airport, go through a control filter, then the flight.

Before we start talking about outfits, maybe you should know, especially if you are on your first flight, that in the plane the temperature ranges between 16 and 22-23 degrees, depending on the set pressure. But you will definitely feel lower temperatures because 99% of the time you sit in a chair without moving. And now let's move on to clothing, suggestions and recommendations about the outfits you should wear on the plane.

What to wear on the plane for a comfortable flight!

For a comfortable and comfortable flight you must have an equally comfortable outfit. This is the only way to have a positive vibe and you will be able to enjoy the holiday to the fullest. For flying, a casual style is recommended, less business or elegant, but comfortable. What you will read below is valid for all categories of passengers, regardless of gender and age.


Low-heeled shoes are a must-have when flying, regardless of their shape. You can wear shoes with a pair of sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, ballerinas and even casual shoes. It is important that the shoes are well anchored to the foot so as not to risk being left barefoot in an emergency evacuation. Slippers or slippers are not recommended.

Girls, avoid shoes with pointed / pointed heels because your feet will hurt, you move hard on the plane in case of an evacuation emergency, and in the evacuation process you can even pierce the slide. You don't want to have victims on your conscience.


It is advisable to wear a pair of wide, light pants, in which you will feel good and at ease. They can be jeans, casual pants, socks, stylish pants. It is important to avoid tight and tight pants because they can affect your blood circulation and can affect the appearance of blood clots.

During the flight, the body is subjected to pressure that influences the senses and blood circulation, so let the body feel "free". It is not advisable to wear shorts because the temperatures will be between 16 and 22 degrees. I don't think you want to feel your feet frozen.

Blouse / sweatshirt

When it comes to the upper body, it would be good to consider layering, ie to have several items of clothing on top of each other. You can have a T-shirt over which you put a blouse / t-shirt and then a sweatshirt / cardigan / bolero / zipper sweater. It is important that all of this is made of materials that allow the body to breathe. At the same time, they do NOT have to be very thin so as not to tremble :).

Scarf / scarf

It is recommended to have a scarf / shawl / scarf to wear around your neck during the flight. The longer the flight, the colder you will feel and you certainly do not want to catch a cold on the way to the much desired vacation.

It's up to you how you combine the items of clothing so that you feel good and comfortable. But I hope that my little tips, advice and recommendations will help you choose an ideal outfit for flying.

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