How do I get to Skiathos Island? You can get to Skiathos by car, plane or bus.

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IThe island of Skiathos (in translation "Shadow of Athos"), is the most famous island in the Northern Sporades Archipelago, a small picturesque island of 50 km2 located in the Aegean Sea, two hours away from the mainland. The small island has over 60 beaches: the most beautiful is Koukounaries beach, but there are dozens of other small and secluded beaches with fine sand and emerald waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean.

You can stroll around the island on a rented yacht, look for hidden bays or anchor on secluded and sea-only beaches. For those who are passionate about adventure, water sports are popular on the island.

How do I get to Skiathos Island?

Skiathos Island is one of the islands with the most beautiful beaches in Greece. They are covered with fine sand and the water is warm and crystalline. The island is ideal for family holidays. The waters are not deep and the island is very calm.

Skiathos island beaches

You can get to Skiathos by car.

If you prefer to go to Skiathos by personal car, you should know that the distance is almost 1.200 km. The journey time can be estimated at 16-18 hours, depending on the stops you decide to make and the ferry trip.

The most frequented car route, which we also recommend, is: Bucharest - Giurgiu - Ruse - Pleven - Sofia - Blagoevgrad - Kulata - Promahonas - Serres - Thessaloniki - Katerini - Larissa - Volos (from where the ferryboat is taken) - Skiathos.

As costs, in addition to fuel, a driver traveling to Greece must also pay the Giurgiu - Ruse bridge tax, a Bulgarian vignette valid for a week or a month - depending on how long he is on vacation, the ferry, but also a motorway toll in Greece.

Careful! There are ferryboat races ONLY in the morning and in the evening. A ride takes about 3 hours.

The city of Skiathos

By plane

For those interested in a trip to Skiathos by plane, there are numerous races to Skiathos Airport „Alexandros Papadiamantis". Although it is the most expensive method of transport, it is also the fastest method. Every summer, there are numerous charter flights between the big cities in Romania and Skiathos.

Every year, dozens of flights connect cities such as Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca or Iasi with the sunny island of Skiathos. They can be frequent, scheduled flights, but they are mostly charter flights organized by travel agencies in Romania.

By the way, we mention that Skiathos Airport is famous among aircraft enthusiasts. Many avgeeks call him St. Maarten of Europe. When the weather is good, hundreds of people gather on the road and beach at the end of the runway to enjoy the planes. Low altitude crossings, but also the jetblast are the main attractions.

By bus.

For those who do not want a personal car, and the plane is not really a pleasure, there is also the possibility to travel by bus. You can buy tourist packages (accommodation + bus transport) or you can travel individually.

The bus ride takes about 22-24 hours. It circulates at night, it stops every three hours for relaxation, toilet, lunch break, but the most important thing is that you do not drive and you can relax. You have the best chance of the bus stopping in front of the hotel. The comfort is not the same as in your own car and the road takes a longer time, but relaxation comes to the destination.

No matter how you choose to travel to the island of Skiathos, the holiday is at the destination!

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