How to get a temporary passport in an emergency - costs, duration, documents

Passport fees!

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The temporary simple passport is travel document which is issued to Romanian citizens who meet the conditions provided by law and is not located in one of the situations of suspension of the right to travel abroad, and in the next period they need a proven urgency of a valid passport.

This document is issued to Romanian citizens both by the competent authorities in the country and by the diplomatic missions / consular offices of Romania abroad.

Romanian citizens requesting the issuance of a temporary simple passport must must have assigned a Personal Numeric Code (CNP) to be registered in the Romanian civil status certificates or in the identity documents (identity card, temporary identity card, identity card, passport).

You can request the issuance of a passport in the country, at any community public passport service, and abroad, at the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania.

The validity of the temporary simple passport is 1 (one) year, regardless of the age of the holder and cannot be extended.

The simple temporary passport is issued to Romanian citizens who meet the conditions provided by this law and are not in one of the situations of suspension of the right to travel abroad, in the following situations:

a) for persons who declare that they do not wish to be issued with a simple electronic passport;

b) If the Holder declares in writing that he / she is about to travel to states between which there is a belligerence or diplomatic conflict, and a stamp or visa issued by the state with which the country he / she is traveling is affixed in the simple passport or electronic passport In conflict;

c) When the holder holds a simple passport or a simple electronic passport containing valid visas, but as a result of the exhaustion of the sheets intended to be used, the journey in that State or in States other than those issuing the visas is no longer possible;

d) when the holder has submitted the simple passport or the electronic passport for obtaining visas and declares that he must travel urgently abroad;

e) when the minor is going to travel abroad for studies or to participate in official competitions or to follow a medical treatment without which his life or health is endangered and there is no time necessary to obtain the consent of the other parent provided in art. 17 of Law no. 248/2005;

f) for Romanian citizens abroad who no longer have valid travel documents and who declare that it is necessary to continue their trip abroad or to regulate their stay on the territory of a state;

g) in objective situations where, for health, family or professional reasons, the presence of the person on the territory of another state is necessary and urgent and there is no time required for the issuance of the electronic simple passport.

The temporary simple passport is issued:

a) in the situation provided in let. a), within the legal term provided for the issuance of the simple electronic passport;
b) in the situations provided in let. b) -g), within a maximum of 3 working days from the date of submitting the application.


  • Temporary simple passport does not contain prints digital record of the holder, regardless of his age.
  • The electronic signature of the holder, a Romanian citizen aged 14 at the time of submitting the application, is taken over.
  • The personal presence of the applicants is mandatory at the time of submitting the application.

NOTE: To meet the technical conditions prevătaken by the legal regulations for taking the photograph, sIt is recommended that the person whose passport will be issued be dressed in the upper part of the body in dark and / or intense colors, avoiding light colors or clothing in plaid or light stripes.

temporary simple passport

If you do not have any other Romanian identity document when you ask the embassies or consulates to issue a temporary passport to continue the trip or to regulate the stay, it is very important for you to be able to provide the diplomatic mission / consular post Personal Numeric Code ( CNP) assigned to you by the Romanian population registration authorities. This code is registered in the birth / marriage certificates, identity cards, passports and driving licenses issued by the Romanian authorities.

In the country, the value of the passport is as follows:

- for the simple electronic passport
- 258 lei - for people over 12 years old
- 234 lei - for persons under 12 years of age

- for the passport simple temporary: 96 lei - regardless of age.

Starting with 07.09.2020, the payment of the passport value can be made as follows:

  • at the cashiers of the CEC Bank units, as well as at the Selfpay payment stations of CEC Bank;
  • online, exclusively through the virtual payment platform
  • by postal order, in the process of implementation The payment documents issued before 02.09.2020 remain valid for the submission of applications for the issuance of passports.

Documents required for issuing a temporary simple passport

  • Identity card, provisional identity card or, as the case may be, valid identity card, in original. The temporary identity card must be accompanied by the original birth certificate.
  • The document proving the payment of the value of the passport, in original, or the payment document published on paper containing all the information related to the payment made by means of online payment, completed in the name of the holder.
  • Previous passport, if any.

Personally, I recommend that you get a simple electronic passport! It costs more, but the execution time is approximately the same as in the case of the temporary simple passport, and the validity of the electronic simple passport is 10 years!

  1. Monica - Storytelling says

    Good information, it is good to know what is the regime of minors, if they can also make the emergency passport or there are special regulations.

    1. cristinapetre says

      yes I may have done it to my son in the spring

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    I saw many children made passports. I have the impression that for them there is something urgent.

  3. Lavinia says

    Pe says that for the temporary passport the place to go is the one in PIPERA.
    On the other hand, I have a domicile in the 5 sector, so in the least likely case I will have to go to Amzei.
    I say well what do I say?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      For temporary passports you can also go to the headquarters in Piata Romana… I wrote above!

      1. Anca says

        Are you referring to the headquarters in Amzei Square or the one on Nicolae Iorga Street? Thanks

      2. Andreea says

        Good evening! I urgently need an emergency passport for babies. Where to go? It's open by 1. Thanks a lot

  4. Claudiu says

    It is important that the customs from the destination you are traveling to accept entry into the country with a temporary passport, otherwise you risk not getting on the plane.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes you are right! You cannot travel with a temporary passport in Dubai, as an example!

  5. ADL says


    Can passport valid for 5 years be made urgently?
    I paid the taxes for the one on 5 years and after I understood yes it lasts for 2 weeks and I would like it faster, so can it?

  6. Chiriac Arghir Marian says

    Until 20This moon I have to bring my wife and child to England I would like to know where I can make temporary passports and if I can go with them in this country I am in time crisis please help me is urgent

    1. Sorin Rusi says access this site and also find the contact details there. As far as I know the UK has no restrictions on temporary passports. Talk to the passport direction and I can call you immediately 🙂

  7. Nicu says

    Hi, if my husband is gone can I get his passport?

    1. Yo says

      Do you make him his passport and put your picture in his passport with his name? Or do you bring a picture of him at the wedding? What cave did you leave? If he is gone, he can take his passport to the embassy in the country where he left, or come to the country for 2-3 weeks.

    2. Sorin Rusi says

      The passport is made personally… If he is gone, the documents can be submitted to the Romanian consulate / embassy in the country where he left… Or he comes to the country before his passport expires and he does it in the country… It takes about 10-15 working days after submitting the documents , if he doesn't want to go to the emergency room…

  8. Florentine says

    Hi, what are the steps to follow for the temporary passport issued in two hours and if it can be done for 5 years in an emergency… thank you

  9. Tania says

    How long is an emergency passport issued? Are there any programming needs?

  10. Elisabeta says

    What documents do I need for my temporary passport? Do you have a divorce decision? How much is the urgency !! Thank you

  11. her says

    can you help me with some answers for the Romanian citizen living abroad? For a passport renewal? What is the difference between a temporary passport and a simple electronic passport? What's the difference with the necessary documents? I have to apply from Australia but I need one in 3 months and I don't think the simple one will be ready in time. Is it possible that the temporary emergency is ready faster?

  12. Mirela says

    I am separated from my husband but he gives me the power of attorney to do the boy's passport..but I am no longer in the county where I am domiciled I would like to know if I could do the passport in another county without having another domicile because I stay a little at grandparents until I could go to my parents abroad

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      As far as we know, the passport can be made at any police station and from another county, which takes / issues passports.

  13. Andrew C says

    Good evening. I would like to know if I can enter the US with the temporary passport just issued and the old passport with his visa on it? The electronic passport is only after 20 days it releases me but I have an emergency. Thank you.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Related to US travel: - information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And my advice is to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more clarifications! 🙂

  14. Laura says

    I stay in the olt and I moved to Bucharest I can make my passport without a bulletin for example I miss the certificate I do

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The necessary documents:

      - the identity card, the provisional identity card or, as the case may be, the identity card, which are valid, in original. The temporary identity card must be accompanied by the original birth certificate;
      - proof of payment of the fees for issuing the passport, completed in the name of the holder, in original;
      - previous passport, if any.

      More details about the necessary documents and about issuing the passport:

  15. Lucian says

    Hello, I live in Spain, I have an expired ID, an expired passport and I need the Birth Certificate, an original copy, but I have absolutely no one in Romania who can help me… Please, how can I get the birth certificate to be able to submit the passport to the consulate in Madrid? Thank you very much.

    1. Sorin Rusi says
  16. Vlaic claudiu says

    I want an electronic emergency passport for my baby from 1 year and 6luni to travel with his mother in Canada I would like to know if passports are made to children in emergency mode thank you I forgot to say he has the power of attorney from the consulate from his canada passport and travel with him to here

  17. Emilia Manche says

    Does Israel accept a temporary passport issued in an emergency?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Romanian citizens holding simple passports, electronic simple passports and temporary simple passports can enter Israel for tourist purposes without a visa. The length of stay allowed in Israel is 90 days. After this period, the stay is only allowed in well-justified cases or for humanitarian reasons (illness, death of a relative).

      More information:

  18. TB says

    From my website:
    2. for people who declare that they do not have the time required to issue a simple electronic passport. In this case, a document must be presented stating the necessity and urgency of issuing the temporary simple passport.

    How did you argue that you need a temporary passport? Did you have any documents attesting to the urgency of the trip?
    I would like to get a temporary passport to get a visa for the USA.

  19. liviu says

    I also pay the emergency fee for passports as I need a passport tomorrow

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      In the article, I think we managed to post the necessary information with that cost of the temporary passport. Unfortunately, the working mode and the emergency part do not apply everywhere.

      Try to call the nearest passport center and they can give you information about fees and how to issue…

  20. liviu says

    please help me

  21. Carmen says

    Hello. Can the temporary simple passport be issued to minors up to 14? Thank you

  22. Maria says

    Good evening I want to ask you, is it possible to submit for temporary passport without Romanian civil status documents… ..? (Birth certificate + marriage certificate), I mention I took the oath and I only have the citizenship certificate…?

  23. Vasile says

    Hello My name is Vasile, I tried to make an appointment online for a passport for my daughter and my son and for me, but I understood that the box with Red is not available and the box with green is available, ok I want programming for children and for me on 4 .08 / 2017 or on 7.08 / 2017, What happens because I have no places available, I take on September 3 I have to be in the UK with children at school, And the passports I hold them I have expired, in Great Britain it is very strict regarding Absences and if I go to the GP (Doctor) I have to take the stamp of the Doctor The name of the Doctor first name and why I had an appointment, because if I don't take them I can go court) I Now what could I do? Can I Apply for a Travel Title from Romania to London? Or what could I do? if I'm from Satu Mare County? I'm waiting for help to get rid of me Yes, someone, because I am very disappointed with the employees from Satu Mare county, I don't understand what nonsense with online scheduling, I also understand with online scheduling but why don't they have more employees so that they can make passports for all people, I am totally disappointed we are treated worse than some animals, if it will not be resolved or how I will take the press to Satu Mare, because it is not fair to be humiliated, it was my mother made a trip to the passports and told her I'm sorry we can only make appointments online to do ok I understand online, but why are not Places for all People who want passports.

  24. Ana Maria says

    I did not have a newsletter, I lost it, and if I go on vacation, can I get my temporary passport without a newsletter? Thank you

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Talk to the passport center. You must also have a birth certificate…

  25. Andreea says

    I could give my daughter the passport if her certificate is in progress, or I have to wait for the certificate while the passport is issued urgently.

  26. anita says

    Hello, is there an emergency fee for a simple electronic passport?

  27. Ionut says

    Can passport to the emergency of a child of 1 year I want a clear and concrete answer

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      No emergency passports are made anymore, only in certain well-motivated situations.

  28. Jana stinks says

    Hello i would like to make my daughter's and my son's passports now this year July 12 as children have to go to school and have to live back year July 20 what I do I couldn't do online programming

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Go without programming!

  29. Mihaiela says

    Hello, please let me know if an emergency passport for an 11 year old child needs to be scheduled
    Thank you

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Programming is useful so you don't stand in line. The rest has no other purpose :). As for the passports made in the emergency, pay attention to the new regulations. You have all the information in the article and on the websites of the specialized authorities.

  30. Sebastian says

    Hello, when submitting the documents for the passport, the old passport is mandatory, even if it has not expired? .Or can it be kept until the new one is collected?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The old one must be deposited.

  31. Tatu Alina Gabriela says

    Good evening. I have to make a simple temporary passport because I don't have time for the electronic one. If I prove that I have to go to Spain to my mother with the transfer of the girl from here to school with the plane tickets already taken and the residents of Spain, do you think that those there can help me? And one more thing… Do I have to pay the passport fee by check and that's it?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      If you make your passport in Bucharest, now there is the Passport Department in Park Lake as well - and you can pay the fee for some devices directly in the mall. For other information, you can also consult the official website

  32. Cret Corina says

    Hello, as soon as he gives you your emergency passport

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The urgency is made only with proving documents. And generally from one day to the next or on the same day.

  33. Marian says

    Hello, I submitted the documents for the bulletin, but it is delayed because they do not have material, so I would like to get a temporary passport. The question is if I can do it with an expired bulletin, if so, how long will my temporary passport be issued at expedite. Thank you

  34. Serban says

    Hello, if the child has to go to Erasmus school in Croatia on February 27, what proof of school do we need to get an emergency passport?

    1. Sorin says

      Contact the passport office.

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