How to protect your belongings from thieves while traveling!

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I have traveled many times around the country and abroad. We have collected hundreds of flights in our portfolio and visited dozens of cities and hundreds of tourist attractions. I admit that so far I have not fallen prey to thieves, but I do not let my guard down either. But I know many people who have run out of money, documents or wallet.

Over the years, I have read all sorts of stories about the pickpockets, but also about the techniques used by pickpockets. In order to succeed in emptying your pockets, thieves will try to resort to all sorts of methods, especially to distract you. It is important to take care of your belongings, regardless of the scenario applied by thieves.

Protect your belongings while traveling

A traveler who does not attract the eyes of those around him, implicitly of thieves, is a protected traveler. Do not wear expensive jewelry. Do not ostentatiously display your necklaces and watches, especially in crowded places when visiting sights. Know that even the richest people tend to wear fake lines when they go out in the crowd.

In the big cities you will often see signs with the message "Attention, pickpockets". They can be located on the subway, at tourist attractions, in the most crowded places of tourists, etc. Involuntarily, many of those who see such signs begin to check the goods - wallets, phone, money, documents - by touching the pants, pockets, checking the purse, etc.

Through these gestures, they have just told the thieves where they keep their valuables. It is best to ignore these signs for a moment. It is advisable not to keep documents, money and valuables in the same place. It is even recommended that some of the money be kept in less common places, such as shoes, sneakers, secret pockets, etc. Keep a decent amount of money in your pockets, without having to take out your wallet at every transaction.

Be careful not to give in to the thieves' tricks

It is important not to give in to the typical tricks applied by crooks. Among the best known are: "What time is it" - distraction - one asks what time it is, and another second thief pockets you; "Dirt" - the thief apparently pollutes you by mistake and pockets you while apparently cleaning; "Jacket" - with his hands covered by a jacket, the thief can operate without attracting attention, especially in crowds.

In conclusion, try to keep your documents, documents and money safe, without being visible and without having quick access to them. If you have handbags, luggage, do not leave them unattended. If you are carrying bags, pay attention to how you wear them so that thieves do not have access to them or belts.

Personally, I prefer to keep valuables in several hard-to-reach pockets and places, either closed pockets, or inside pockets, or secret places. Lately, backpack I didn't miss the trips, and all my pockets are secure. Do not let your guard down in front of those approaching you on the street. Always be vigilant.

What other property protection techniques do you practice? Have you been prey to thieves? How did you solve such problems?

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