How to use Travelport Competitive Insights correctly

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Earlier this year, I introduced you to Travelport Competitive Insights. I introduced you Top 5 best-selling GDS routes, based on the information provided by the business intelligence solution developed by Travelport.

Travelport Competitive Insights is a unique tool in the tourism industry, extremely useful for anyone working in this field.

It consolidates data on passenger bookings in all distribution systems (GDSs) and provides tourism agencies with statistics, indicators and trends on which they can make business decisions. 

Most importantly, it seems to me that you can analyze how much you represent as an agency on an air route or how much your sales represent for an airline.

Based on the figures provided by Travelport Competitive Insights, you can negotiate with air carriers, with your direct partners. You can make favorable marketing decisions based on industry trends.

I think any large agency that wants to sell plane tickets should have a subscription to Travelport Competitive Insights.

Below are some concrete examples of how you can help with this information. I have an agency account on the platform Travelport Competitive Insights and I played a little with the information provided. I took the period January 1 - June 3, 2019.

Globally, we can see that there is a 1.3% increase in the sale of air tickets through GDS. We can see which routes are best sold, which airlines have the highest market shares and many more.

But I was interested in the performance of my agency, which represents the middle column. Thus, I see that I have an increase of 1.6% in the first 5 months of 2019 compared to the same period of last year.

I notice that I sold the best airline tickets from Airline 1 (for confidentiality reasons I replaced the name with a generic name), increasing by 38.2% compared to 2018 for the same period. As destinations, Romania and Turkey are the best sellers through my agency. I also have some information about the behavior of customers, who buy air tickets through my agency.

What can I do with this information? First of all, I could negotiate a better deal with Airline 1. 38.8% of the tickets sold by me are on Airline 1 flights. Out of approximately 45,000 reservations, approximately 17,500 are on Airline 1, which is not to be neglected and represents 7.90% of Airline 1 reservations in Romania through GDS, ie market my share on this line.

Below you have some information about the number of reservations made by my agency on different airlines. Most at Airline 1, then Airline 2, Airline 3. There are useful information regarding the market, with airline partners, etc.

I can also see the best-selling routes by my agency in the first 5 months of 2019. It was an important increase on Bucharest - Cluj and Cluj - Bucharest, but also on Bucharest - Timisoara. Not surprisingly, we have increased 38.3% of airline ticket sales on Airline 1 flights.

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Based on this information, you can make your marketing plans. Follow the trends at country, continent or global level and you can develop actions according to the trend.

Taken together, all this information helps you optimize your airline sales strategy. And so increase your income!

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