Huawei #BePresent: Put the phone aside and be with your loved ones

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Huawei announces the launch of the campaign #BePresent. During the holidays, it is good to put the phone aside and be with your loved ones.

Huawei #BePresen

Smartphones are gaining more and more ground in our lives, and most people find it difficult to separate from this everyday accessory. The sad part is that we do not give up the smartphone even during the holidays.

Huawei #BePresent campaign encourages people to put the phone aside during the Holidays and urges them to spend this special time with loved ones. The campaign draws attention to the fact that although smart devices, especially smartphones, are an extremely important part of everyone's lives, we should pay more attention to family and friends during Christmas.

The main element of the campaign #BePresent is represented by the TV spot, which also includes the brand ambassador, one of the best players of the German team Bayern Munich and the captain of the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski.

The TV spot tells the story of a little boy, the only person eagerly waiting for Christmas Eve, while all the family members are focused on doing something else, using gadgets. When the Christmas tree installations light up, the whole family realizes the significance of the moment and comes together to share this special moment together. The creative concept of the TV spot was developed by Leomek Hatoda, and the campaign includes both ATL and BTL components, being implemented in 26 by countries.

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