"I will never fly with RYANAIR again" - the statement of the woman's daughter who was racially abused

On Friday, October 11th, a woman of color is racially abused by a white passenger. The incident occurred on a RYANAIR flight.

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Yesterday I introduced you briefly the case of a black woman who was racially abused by a white passenger. The incident took place on flight FR9015 (Barcelona - London Stansted). The black woman is 77 years old and was returning from the commemoration of her husband, who died last year. At the same time, the woman suffers from arthritis and has difficulty moving.

The daughter of the racially abused woman came out with statements about the incident and provided additional information to HuffPost UK. This was disturbed by the attitude of the passenger, who humiliated her mother. But it was further disturbed by the attitude of the RYANAIR crew.

"I will never fly with RYANAIR again"

The daughter mentioned that "She will not fly with RYANAIR" and is convinced that if the situation were the other way around, with racist acts by a black passenger on a white passenger, the police would surely have been called.

Mrs Gayle's daughter says it all started when her mother, who has arthritis, got to her feet to allow the man access to the window seat. Then the man broke free and began to offend the passenger of color. He insulted her and threatened to take her out of the chair if she didn't move.

To alleviate the conflict, the RYANAIR crew decided to move Mrs. Gayle to another place, but without taking any action on the recalcitrant passenger. And the cherry on the cake came at the end of the flight, when the lady's daughter asked the cabin staff to count. But they did not recognize the act of racism on board the plane. However, RYANAIR officials said they reported the case to Essex police.

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