IASI - Dubai with FlyDubai, from 2017? Remains to be seen!

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During this day, IASI International Airport organized a press conference to present a possible collaboration with FlyDubai. The event was attended by Marius Bodea, IASI Airport Director, and Hamad Obaidalla, FlyDubai Chief Commercial Officer.

After the conference, I didn't find out much information. The IAŞi - Dubai route could be operated by FlyDubai starting with the summer of 2017, starting with two frequencies per week. Negotiations are in full swing and technical expertise will be done, etc.

Iasi-Flydubai Dubai
PHOTO: George Nauznicov / IASI Press Conference

In our opinion, the conference was electoral for Mr. Marius Bodea. And we were surprised by the statement without substance made by the official FlyDubai. And until 2017 there is still a long way to go. We appreciate the evolution of the airport in IAŞI and we are glad to announce the positive news. Hopefully, everything will materialize on a direct route between Iasi and Dubai.

PHOTO: www.airpano.com / Dubai

If this route is operated, those in the area of ​​Moldova will be able to enjoy fast connections with one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates, but also with a large economic center. At the same time, Dubai is an important air hub and the "home" of FlyDubai and Emirates. Multiple connections can be made between Iasi and any corner of the planet.

IAŞI - Dubai with FlyDubai, from 2017? Remains to be seen!

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