IASI - Madrid with TAROM, from 25 June 2016

IASI - Madrid with TAROM, from 25 June 2016

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IASI - Madrid with TAROM, from 25 June 2016! TAROM seeks to develop its base in IAI and position the aircraft Boeing 737-300 on profitable routes. Unfortunately, several attempts were disappointing. Flights to Istanbul proved to be at a loss. They also gave up the combination via Cluj, especially as Turkish Airlines announced its intention to operate the Istanbul - Cluj route.

In our opinion, the IASI base should be closed and TAROM should reposition itself as a premium airline and continue its development in Bucharest, maintaining its operating style with a central hub.


IASI - Madrid with TAROM

Let's hope that the IASI - Madrid route with TAROM will be a profitable one for the national airline operator. This would be inaugurated on 25 June 2016. 2 weekly flights will be operated on Wednesdays and Saturdays after the following schedule:

RO419: IAŞI (IAS) 19: 50 - 23: 05 Madrid (MAD)
RO420: MADRID (MAD) 23: 50 - 04: 50 + 1 IAI (IAS)

The flight duration will be approximately 4 hours. The route is loaded into the system and you can book your tickets!

The schedule is not encouraging. Night flights are not for those who want a city break in Madrid. But the numbers will prove in time whether we were right or not. At this moment, TAROM has no competition on the IASI - Madrid route, which gives it an advantage.

Clear sky!

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