Iberia presented the new livery - #newIberia

Iberia unveils new livery - #newIberia (video)

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On 15 October 2013, Iberia unveiled the new livery, symbolizing a new chapter in the company's history and future plans. The previous color scheme has not been changed for 35 years, since its approval in 1978.

The new visual identity will be tracked on the 5 Airbus A330-300 (EC-LYF), a plane to be delivered by the European manufacturer on 15 November 2013. Personally, I like the new livery a lot more, but it gives me the impression that it's not over. It is much simpler, offering a more white fuselage that is written "IBERIA" in red, and the tail is painted completely red, with a little yellow at the top to remind the colors of the Spanish flag. The vertical IB logo has disappeared.


New livery Not only does it mean changing the logo, but Iberia will also come with a new business plan for the future. Starting with November, we will be able to see the new changes in all the points of contact between the clients and the airline. It wants to convey that the new Iberia is more dynamic and offers superior passenger services.

More than 9000 employees and passengers participated in the creation of the new livery. They were questioned during branding. Below you have a video with the new livery - #newIberia.

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