Iberia has announced the air shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona

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Starting with July 2017, Iberia will launch the service "Aerial bridge"(" Air Shuttle ") between Madrid and Barcelona. They will be operated until 26 of daily flights (16 Iberia flights and 10 Vueling flights), departing at 15-30 minutes during peak hours, and every hour for the rest of the day. Over the weekend, the number of flights will drop to 13 / day.


The first flight will take off at 06: 30, and the last flight at 21: 45. The reservation system will indicate very clearly the airline operator on the chosen flight.

“Puente Aéreo” (“Air Shuttle”) between Madrid and Barcelona

Iberia promises to keep the current services available, plus the addition of new passenger facilities. You can buy a plane ticket directly at the airport, on the Iberia website or through the Iberia application.

Due to the agreement between Iberia and Vueling, passengers can enjoy the same conditions on all “Puente Aéreo” flights between Madrid and Barcelona.

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