Spectacular images from the accident scene at Istanbul / Boeing 737-800 Pegasus, broken to pieces (photo)

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On the evening of February 5, at 18:30 pm, Boeing 737-800 aircraft (TC-IZK) Pegasus Airlines departed from runway at Istanbul International Airport - Sabiha Gökçen. He dived off the track on a level difference of 30 meters, at which point he broke into pieces. There was also a small fire, but it was quickly extinguished. The plane operated flight PC2193, on the route Izmir - Istanbul.

There were 177 people on board (171 passengers and 6 crew members). Officials announced 157 wounded inmates, some with more serious injuries. Unfortunately, one person died!

Below are some photos from the accident site

Some of the occupants of the aircraft managed to get out of the plane by themselves, through emergency doors or through cracks. As you can see, only one miracle has caused more dead people to exist.

From the first information, it seems that the strong wind played an important role in producing the accident. An investigation is ongoing, which must determine why the pilots forced the landing on high winds, when other flights canceled the take-off or landing.

And let's not forget that another Boeing 737-800 Pegasus Airlines was involved in another accident. It happened in January 2018, in Trabzon!

PHOTO: Anadolu Agency, Reuters, UNPIXS

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