Immunized travelers will no longer have to be quarantined in Switzerland

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Switzerland is preparing to enter the fourth phase of phasing out restrictions, and those who want to travel and have recovered from COVID-19 or who have already received the two doses of vaccine will no longer be required to enter quarantine. on arrival in Switzerland.

The Swiss authorities removed Britain from the red list on March 24. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the proliferation of the Indian version of the coronavirus is jeopardizing the government's plans to completely lift the pandemic restrictions in June.

Immunized travelers will no longer have to be quarantined in Switzerland.

This situation leads some Swiss politicians to call for the reintroduction of travel bans on flights to / from the UK, as was the case when the British version was first detected in Switzerland in December. "We must have no reservations about entry restrictions on Swiss territory", said Lorenz Hess, a member of the Democratic Conservative Party of Switzerland. He is asking the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) to adapt quarantine regulations for arrivals in the UK.

Model calculations by the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich show that, although the Indian variant represents about 5% of all samples examined in Switzerland, the Covid-19 Task Force predicts that this mutation will replace the other variants and that it will represent 100% of new infections until in summer.

"There are indications that the mutation of the Indian virus is transmitted even faster than the British one," said the cantonal doctor of Basel, Thomas Steffen. It is currently being discussed whether the human immune system reacts less to this variant. The good news is that the two vaccines administered in Switzerland - Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna - are considered effective against the new mutation from India.

There are indications that the mutation of the Indian virus is transmitted even faster than the British one.

As regards the placement of the United Kingdom on the quarantine list, FOPH has not yet made any announcement to that effect. However, although the FOPH placed India on the red list on April 26 - two days after the first case of the Indian variant was detected in Switzerland, the Swiss authorities did not completely suspend flights from India.

In a press release issued by the Federal Council, travelers are advised carefully check the information and recommendations for travel destinations, in particular the current list of known countries and regions with an increased risk of infection, as all those coming from these countries must self-isolate on return from travel. Travel to countries where new mutations in the virus have been detected is not recommended.

As part of the three-step model, once high-risk residents and those willing to be vaccinated receive the two doses of vaccine, the government will move from protection to the stabilization phase as the fourth phase of the process begins. reopening. This round will allow restaurants to offer indoor services from May 31, while the number of meetings will increase. The Council will also recommend that events be open to 100 people for indoor activities and from 100 to 300 people for outdoor activities.

The Federal Council will present the proposal to the decision-making authorities and expects the final verdict to be set for May 26.

According to restaurants, as long as the number of positive infected cases remains low, indoor service will be allowed. Lifting the restaurant restriction is a crucial step for the government's plan, as they will work together and contact people from different backgrounds who will not wear masks, increasing the possibility of transmitting the infection.

While the requirement to wear the mask outdoors will be removed with respect to social distance and no more than four people at the table in the restaurant and on the terrace, and the contact details of all guests will be recorded.

For other activities, such as sports and cultural activities, a maximum of 30 people will be allowed. Indoor sports activities can take place if no more than 15 people participate. The number can be expanded if participants wear masks.

For companies that are tested regularly, it will not be necessary to work remotely, like higher education institutions, with a maximum limit of 50 people.

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