In 2015, women's holidays… with a Germanic, oriental or Latin flavor

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If we ask 100 Romanians what their passions are, they will probably all answer the "journey". And it's not to be condemned. The pleasure of traveling is in our DNA. From an early age, we like to discover new things, ask questions, and look for answers. We "feed" on discoveries and innovations. We travel alone, as a couple, with family, friends, in the interest of work or for relaxation.


The tripsta did a study on female vacations from 2015 and found that they had German, Oriental or Latin origin. Passionate about travel, the Romanians decided last year to spend their holidays in Germany, Italy and Turkey. In addition, they have also gone to countries such as Spain, France, Austria, Great Britain, Greece and the Czech Republic and have not excluded Romania from their list of holiday destinations.

As for the favorite cities, the main destinations of the Romanians were Berlin, Istanbul and Vienna. The list of destinations with a German vibe can be found in addition to Berlin and Vienna and Munich. At the same time, the Latin heritage was also felt in the travel lists of Romanians, which also included destinations such as Rome, Barcelona or Paris as favorites. On the other hand, Athens or Prague were also destinations considered by Romanian women as interesting destinations for the holiday during the past year.

As a complement to the ones mentioned above, I can say that the Romanians chose the easily accessible destinations in Romania. According to 2015 air traffic, the busiest routes were to London, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Munich and Frankfurt.

Also based on the study done by Tripsta, we found out that, in 2015, the Romanian people booked their flights about 40 days before the departure date, thus allocating less than a week's travel planning compared to the previous year. When it comes to travel time, women have made 11 day vacation arrangements and used desktop computers (89%) and less mobile devices (11%) for bookings, although mobile usage has grown slightly compared to 2014 (when the share of reservations made by women on mobile devices was 9%).

TAROM was first in the top of the airlines preferred by women and last year, followed by Air France and KLM, then Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air Berlin, Alitalia, Blue Air, Wizz Air etc. The average value of a travel ticket, which was reserved by Romance women, was 260 €, rising from 240 € (2014).

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