In 2018, airports in Romania registered 21,8 million passengers

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According, in 2018 the 16 Romanian airports registered 21.8 million passengers. It was an increase of only 7.9% compared to the number of passengers registered in 2017. We remind you that in 2017, 20 284 022 passengers passed through the Romanian airports

Of the 21.8 million registered passengers, 18.98 million passengers were on international flights. While on domestic flights, 2.84 million passengers were registered according to official data.

Passenger traffic airports in Romania in 2018

The busiest airport in Romania is Henri Coandă International Airport, Otopeni - Bucharest. It was transited by 13.82 million passengers, an absolute record so far for Bucharest airport.

In 2 place it is Avram Iancu International Airport, Cluj-Napoca. It recorded 2.78 million passengers, up 3.9% from 2017.

On the 3 place is Traian Vuia International Airport, Timisoara. It reported 1.52 million passengers, down 6.4% from 2017. We put the decrease on account of the fact that RYANAIR closed the base in Timisoara.

On the 4 place we have IAII International Airport. He had one increased by 9.4% and reported 1.26 million passengers registered in 2018.

But the highest percentage increase was recorded at Oradea Airport. There were registered 220.012 passengers, up 35.05% compared to 2017. And Sibiu International Airport has enjoyed a substantial increase, reporting over 700 000 of passengers. The increase was 31.32%

In the last years, at least in the 7 years since exists, we have noticed an accelerated increase in the number of passengers from year to year. And that's because more and more routes have been inaugurated by the low-cost companies Wizz Air, RYANAIR and Blue Air. People began to travel more often through the first higher incomes.

And yet, airports are slowly evolving. Infrastructure investments are made late, and all this is reflected in the comfort of the passengers. Airports are becoming more and more crowded.

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