In 2020, only 200000 Romanian tourists were in Greece

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In 2020, the year of grace of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Romanian tourists who visited Greece reached the lowest level recorded in the last 15 years, reaching 204.600 tourists. It should be noted that in the pre-pandemic year, there were 1,37 million Romanian tourists in Greece.

According to data from Statista, the number of Romanian tourists in 2020 was 85% lower than in the previous year, being also about 8% below the level of 2011, when the lowest rates of Romanian visitors were registered (223.000 ) from the period 2010-2020.

In general, Romanians visited Greece the most between 2016 and 2019. More precisely, the highest number of Romanian visitors to Greece was registered in 2018, with 1,38 million tourists registering throughout the year.

The share of Romanian visitors registered in 2018 was 21% higher than in 2017, when 1,14 million tourists were registered and less than 1% than the following year, just before the start of the COVID pandemic -19.

The main factor for such high rates of Romanian tourists in Greece is religious tourism, as the Hellenic Republic hosts several sacred places and destinations, such as St. John's Monastery and Panagia Church, a popular place of pilgrimage in Greece. In addition, the majority of the population in both Greece and Romania are Orthodox Christians, with 90 and 82% of the country's population, respectively, identifying with religion.

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