At the Chisinau Airport, the presentation of the "AIRPORT DAY DAY" model was held

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Yesterday was a big day at Chisinau airport. SRL "AVIA INVEST" presented the layout "AIRPORT OF TOMORROW". Below is the press release I received from Lilian Tomita.

The presentation of the model "Airport of tomorrow" took place on 5 December, in the premises of Chisinau International Airport. The layout was presented to all the representatives of the airlines, the main partners and the media representatives. Placing the model in the Departure Departure Hall will allow all passengers and accompanying persons to familiarize themselves with "Tomorrow's Airport".

The layout of the Airport of the future is a presentation of the complex development strategy of Chisinau Airport, which includes the consecutive stages regarding the investments made by SRL "AVIA INVEST" in the evolution of the airport infrastructure. All transformation plans are dictated by the dynamic development situation on the aeronautical services market, which will be realized with the help of the latest technologies in the field of air transport.

The nominated model was performed on a scale of 1: 200, with a high level of detail processing, this illustrating both the current infrastructure and its development perspective for the next 20 years, previously presented by Tatiana Semenova, Vice President for Strategy and development of the Habarovsk Airport, during the press conference held in November.

It is important to note that the ideas presented on the model are the result of fruitful collaboration between Avia Invest specialists and such foreign design and consulting companies as Airport Consulting Vienna (Austria), Hochtief AirPort GmbH (Germany), Arhiconi Grup SRL (Moldova), Ramboll ( Denmark), Urbanproiect (Moldova).

On the reproduction of tomorrow's Airport, from the height of the flight of birds, the contours and the shape of the current passenger terminal, the VIP Room, and the Official Delegation Room, MoldATSA buildings and the tower, the aircraft size models, as well as the relief complex can be easily distinguished with varying heights.

At the same time, the layout includes the buildings and facilities of the Airport which in the coming years will fundamentally change the image of the Chisinau International Airport, including a new modern terminal with passenger boarding / landing bays, a renovated and expanded platform with parking spaces for aircrafts, car parks, a developed network of access roads, etc. The reconstruction project also provides for the modernization of the operational area of ​​the airport (take-off runway, runways, platform), as well as other technical and service objects. The renovated airport will be equipped with the most modern equipment and will meet all international requirements and standards.

Also, the layout illustrates the extension of the existing terminal in the east, west and south. The project to expand the existing terminal is expected to become a reality in 2015. This will help to increase the passenger capacity in the terminal to 750 passengers / hour (420 passengers / hour are currently processed).

The second stage of development of the Airport will include the construction of a new terminal with passenger boarding / disembarking bellows, with a capacity of 600 passengers / hour, an area of ​​20 m² and its joint operation with the existing terminal. Next, the expansion of the new terminal by 000 m12000 will be increased and its capacity will be increased to 1600 passengers / hour, mainly due to the implementation of new passenger service technologies. Thus, the new modern terminal, which will have an area of ​​32000 mXNUMX and will be equipped with passenger boarding / disembarking bellows, is impressively presented on the model. Regarding the architectural realization of the new Airport Complex, it includes an organic combination of original ideas, advanced trends, new technologies and national architectural elements. All this meets the rigorous requirements of flight safety and requires a high level of passenger service.

The admiration of the model is more pleasing to the eye during the evening, although due to the interior lighting, all the buildings look beautiful.

The realization of the whole project of concession of the Airport foresees investments in the amount of 244 million euros at least, amount that exceeds with 14 millions, at least, the volume of the investment program, proposed within the specifications of the concession of the assets of the Chisinau Airport.

Parallel to the execution of all stages of reconstruction and modernization of the Airport, SRL "AVIA INVEST" continues to actively promote Chisinau Airport, both in direct negotiations with potential airlines, as well as in international specialized workshops, forums and conferences.

In the same vein, in the negotiations with other airports and air operators, maximum efforts are being made to draw attention to the subject of Moldova's adherence to the Single European Airspace, to terminate bilateral agreements, to liberalize the aeronautical market. Due to the attractive policy of stimulating the airlines of Chisinau International Airport, actively promoted by AVIA INVEST, it was possible to attract such new operators as Wizz Air and flydubai, as well as contributing to the launch of new routes, operated by Carpatair and Meridiana. Fly. Active negotiations have expanded and a bilateral agreement has already been signed with Manas Airport in Kyrgyzstan. The Memorandum implies a mutual collaboration of exchange of experience and joint search of the airline operators in order to develop the transit traffic of passengers with European destinations through Chisinau.

The main task of the concession is to continue to increase passenger traffic through Chisinau Airport due to the transit of passengers from the Far East, Siberia, Ural, Asia - in the countries of the European Union. According to the forecasts of the concessionaires, based on the opinions of the foreign experts, the passenger flow of Chisinau Airport, towards the year 2025, will reach the figure of 3 million passengers per year, to whom the concessionaire will provide the necessary infrastructure and a service corresponding to the international standards.

source photo: Lilian Tomita

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