In England, the quarantine period could be reduced if a COVID-19 test is performed at a private clinic.

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Starting in June, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland imposed a 14-day quarantine / isolation for those who want to travel from the risk zone. From the very beginning, Romania was considered a country with a high epidemiological risk.

It was a measure applied in order to reduce the flow of passengers and to better control the spread of the new coronavirus.

Here that, after 6 months, the British authorities are thinking of relaxing the quarantine / isolation period with one condition. Those who will be tested privately by COVID-19, after the 5th day, will be able to get out of quarantine if the test is negative, informs with the BBC.

The results will normally be provided within 24 to 48 hours. This means that people could leave quarantine six to seven days after arriving in Britain.

The measure could take effect on December 15

The measure could take effect on December 15, and a COVID-19 test could cost between £ 65 and £ 120 at a private clinic outside the national healthcare system (that sounds like a business for the UK's private healthcare system).

So those who want to travel will no longer have to stay in isolation for 14 days when entering the UK, but only 6-7 days. But this measure also has a cost to people. A large family should take a lot of money out of their pocket to avoid quarantine at home.

It is a measure praised and long awaited by airlines and travel agencies. But it's far from perfect. IATA, tourism organizations and airlines are proposing something more radical. Passengers should be tested before each journey and thus quarantine / isolation should be eliminated.

Michael O'Leary, executive director of Ryanair, said the program proposed by the UK authorities to shorten the quarantine with a COVID-19 test after arriving in the UK was "an ineffective measure". Testing for travelers traveling to England should take place before departure, not after arrival.

We remind you that, at present, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in lockdown.

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