In Europe, the "anti-aircraft" movement has emerged to protect the planet

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In Europe, "anti-aircraft" fashion has emerged under the guise of protecting the Earth. More and more people avoid flying by plane, choosing to travel on land by personal car or bus / train.

In Sweden, this anti-aircraft movement also has a name: Flygskam, literally "the shame of the plane".

Now, either of us, the Swedes are great environmentalists. Most opted for electric cars, even launched a road that charges electric cars.

The Swedish government has invested 4.8 million in long-distance night trains. At the same time, protecting the environment.

The "anti-aircraft" movement

In the Netherlands, parliament voted to abolish the air link between Amsterdam and Brussels. The train, which is just as fast, between the two cities is favored.

Before any discussion, let us present some figures from the European Environment Agency (EEA). The passenger plane emits 285 grams of CO2 / km (on average) compared to 158 grams emitted by the car and only 14 grams emitted by the train.

Will the anti-aircraft movement also be adopted in Romania?

In Romania, this movement would not be successful for one reason. We have no land infrastructure. Who wants to do 6-8-12-24 hours by train between the main cities of Romania? We don't have much to discuss about roads and highways. And at the end we find that the prices are about the same as a plane flight.

In addition, aircraft manufacturers are removing less polluting aircraft than last year, and airlines have begun to be more operationally efficient, thus lowering CO2 emissions.

We encourage the flight by plane because otherwise you risk to make an eternity in Romania and Romania anywhere in Europe :). We are also pro-protecting the Earth, but let's see the evil at the root, not the surface.

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