During the Cluj festivals, the most requested route was Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca

During the Cluj festivals, the most requested route was Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca

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Most of the return tickets, during the festivals, were on the Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca route. And among the departure cities were Constanta, Nice, Warsaw, Venice, Brussels, Milan and London.

During the Untold festival, demand was higher and airline tickets were more expensive.

Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca, the most requested route during festivals

Normally, for a vacation, the average deadline for booking tickets is about 6 weeks. In the case of festivals, tourists have booked their flights with an overwhelming proportion about 2 weeks before the event.

According to the analysis carried out by Vola.ro, about 5% of the bookings for both Electric Castle and Untold were made from 2018, 10% made in the first months of the year 2019 and about 30% were made in May- June 2019.

Over 50% of festival ticket reservations are made last minute

Of the trips during the Electric Castle festival, 53% were booked in July, and for those during the Untold festival, 60% were booked in July, 2019, just a few weeks before the events started.

The most expensive plane ticket sold for the period of the Untold festival cost 401 euros (price per person) and was registered on the Bucharest - Cluj Napoca route and back, with Tarom. The ticket was purchased on 31 July. The most expensive plane ticket to Cluj-Napoca, sold for the period Electric Castle, cost 340 euros (the route Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca, with Tarom) and was bought on 10 July.

94% of bookings were paid with the card.

Most bookings were made for individual travelers. 73% of festival bookings were made for one person, 20% for couple tickets and only 7% for groups.

According to the data of the Institute of Statistics, "Avram Iancu" Airport in Cluj-Napoca is the second in the country in terms of number of passengers, the first being "Henri Coandă" Otopeni airport.

Over 30 daily flights land in Cluj-Napoca and about 35 daily flights depart from Cluj-Napoca, of which about 5 daily flights to Bucharest, but also to cities outside the country such as Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul or Warsaw.

Top of the days: between 15 and 20% of the festivalgoers arrived in Cluj-Napoca on the last day of the festival

18% of the festivalgoers, who traveled by plane to Electric Castle, arrived in Cluj-Napoca on 16 July, even on the first day of the festival. While 17% of them landed on 19 in July, the day they were headliners at Florence & The Machine.

15% of travelers arrived in Cluj-Napoca on the last day of Electric Castle, to see those from Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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