In Turkey and Egypt, Russian cards are no longer working

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Russian tourist cards have ceased to operate abroad. Tourists complain that they cannot pay and withdraw cash at ATMs. 

We are talking about Turkey, Egypt and other areas where most Russians are concentrated. The reason is that Visa and Mastercard have announced that Russian banks, which are under EU and US sanctions, have suspended their participation in the system. The blockade, which took place, affected both the ability to pay through Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as withdrawals from ATMs. 

The information came from both banks and tourists, who leave numerous comments on social networks.

As one Russian woman noted in a blog post, this change has already been fully felt by Russian tourists living in Turkey.

Withdrawals from other banks' cards are still available abroad. For example, the sanctions did not affect Tinkoff Bank. Tourists can withdraw money from ATMs of other banks that are not affected by sanctions.

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