Opening of the Iași - Oradea route with Blue Air

Opening of the Iași - Oradea route with Blue Air

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Today, December 16 2016, Blue Air inaugurated the Iasi - Oradea route via Bucharest. Starting today, the people of Iasi, but also the inhabitants of the entire region of Moldova, have the opportunity to travel to a new destination in the west of the country.

Iași - Oradea flight schedule with Blue Air

You may be wondering how this route is operated via Bucharest. The answer is simple. Oradea passengers are not disembarked in Bucharest. The aircraft takes off from Iasi Airport at 12: 30, and the landing at Oradea is scheduled for 15: 15. During this time, the aircraft flies to Bucharest where 45 minutes are stationed. They feed and board passengers for the Bucharest - Oradea route.

Cristi, our colleague with gold fingers, also gave us some figures for the Bucharest - Oradea flight: 114 passengers and LF of 95% (compared to Boeing 737-500 aircraft from 120 seats).

The opening of the new internal route becomes possible almost three months after the inauguration of two other important races, towards the same area: Iași-Cluj and Iași-Timișoara. The triangular route Iasi - Cluj - Timișoara - Iasi / Iasi - Timișoara - Cluj - Iasi is also operated by Blue Air.

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