Inauguration of the new runway of Iasi Airport

Inauguration of the new runway of Iasi Airport (photo / video)

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On August 21, the inauguration of the new runway took place Iasi International Airport. The most important project of Iasi County became a reality only one year after the beginning of the works. The event was preceded by a short religious service and a short word addressed by His High Priest TEOFAN, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bukovina, and His Excellency Petru GHERGHEL, Roman-Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Iasi. The program also included the presentation of the project, the landing of the first official flight on the new runway (TAROM Rome - Iaşi race), an aviation show supported by the Hawks of Romania acrobatics team and some artistic moments supported by Amadeus.

Work on the new (flexible) runway at Iasi Airport began on 7 August 2013. The association Max Boegl Romania, SC Vega '93 SRL and SC UTI Grup SA won the tender for the execution of the works for the realization of the moving surfaces related to a new runway with a length of 2.400 meters. The contract value is approximately 139 million lei, excluding VAT. The initial term of completion was 25 of months, during this time included the design. The works include the take-off runway - landing, tread, extension of the platform and the perimeter road, the waterway installation, stormwater sewerage, as well as the design services for all the aforementioned.

Post by Sorin Rusi.

In December of the 2013 year, the Iasi County Council submitted a request for European funding for the development and modernization of the Iasi International Airport. The project has a total value of 56,7 millions of euros, the major objectives proposed to be achieved being the design and execution of the works for the realization of the moving surfaces related to a new runway, with the length of 2.400 meters (ongoing contract), the additional extension of the aircraft parking platform. and the construction of a new passenger terminal, three times larger than the existing one.

In the fiscal month of this year, the project was declared eligible by the Managing Authority of the Sectoral Operational Program - Transport (AM POS-T). At the end of May, AM POS-T sent the application to Iasi International Airport in Brussels. Less than 24 hours after it was transmitted by AM POS-T to Brussels, the European Commission announced the admissibility of the application for financing for the development and modernization of Iasi International Airport. This week the first request for reimbursement of payments already made will be submitted to the AM POS-T.

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