Inauguration of the Iasi - Timisoara route with TAROM (Photo)

Inauguration of the Iasi - Timisoara route with TAROM (Photo)

Today, 25 March 2018, the Iași - Timișoara route with TAROM was inaugurated. There were press statements, red carpet and cake, many emotions and ambitions.

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After Blue Air's decision to cancel the triangular flights on the Iasi - Cluj - Timisoara route, TAROM made the decision to take its place. Thus, the national company of Romania will operate 2 domestic flights, uniting Moldova with Banat on the Iasi - Timișoara route and Transylvania with Banat on the Cluj - Timișoara route.


Iași - Timisoara route was inaugurated

Today, 25 March 2018, the Iasi - Timisoara route was inaugurated. The event took place in the presence of TAROM officers and Iasi Airport, political representatives, press representatives and passengers. The theme cake and the red carpet were not missing from the opening event.

From what we observe, in the centenary year, TAROM wants to unite the big cities of Romania by direct flights. At the same time, Werner Wolf argues that the introduction of the Timisoara-Constanta route is also being considered. From Iasi, Paul BUTNARIU, President of the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, calls for a Iasi - Amsterdam race. Probably, after the arrival of other 2 aircraft in the TAROM fleet, we will be able to assist in the opening of new routes.

Route Iasi - Timisoara with TAROM

But let's return to the Iasi - Timisoara route. It will be operated with ATR 42 / 72 aircraft, which can carry between 48 and 68 passengers. TAROM officials say that this capacity is sufficient in relation to the demand on the route. It is not possible to introduce a larger capacity aircraft, but everything according to requirements.

You can purchase tickets from the site TAROM, but also from TAROM's own agencies and partners. Rates start at 40 EURO (round trip). The ticket price includes: transport of hold luggage within the maximum limit of 23kg (1 Economy Class luggage) + 10 kg hand luggage; catering on board the aircraft. Plus free online check-in, at the offices of airports, application etc. See Iasi - Timisoara flight schedule with TAROM!

Below are some pictures from the opening of the route. The photos are signed by Marius Gerber!

Timisoara, Iasi TAROM

Timisoara, Iasi TAROM crew-cab

Timisoara, Iasi TAROM ATR-YR-ATA

Timisoara-Iasi-TAROM - statements

Timisoara-Iasi-TAROM - take off of the aircraft

It should be mentioned that the flight duration is about 1.5 hours, much shorter than the 17 hours with the "hunger train".

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