Blue Air aircraft incident, flight 0B3101 Cluj - Bucharest (photo)

The situation in which a Blue Air aircraft was involved last night at Cluj-Napoca International Airport was caused by the ingestion of a foreign object debris (FOD), most likely - a large bird or animal.

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The Blue Air aircraft on flight 0B3101, which is in perfect working order, took off according to the flight schedule at Cluj-Napoca International Airport on Sunday, April 1, at 21.41, with the destination Henri Coandă Airport.

Blue Air aircraft incident

Shortly after taking off, a loud crash, coming from the left 1 engine, alerted passengers and pilots. The aircraft safely returned to Cluj Airport and landed at 22.25.

Following the inspection by the Blue Air technical team, it was concluded that the engine was impacted by ingesting a foreign object debris, an animal or a bird, even when lifting the device from the ground.

As seen from the pictures, the engine shows clear signs of ingestion of an external body (FOD) at take-off.


The commander decided, based on his procedures and competences, to return to Cluj-Napoca airport. The Blue Air crew did not request landing assistance, the return on the runway was normal and, at no time during the flight, the safety of the Blue Air passengers was not endangered. The Blue Air crew handled the whole situation flawlessly.

Another Blue Air aircraft took off from Otopeni Airport to Cluj International Airport to pick up passengers and returned to Bucharest at 02.35.

In the incident last night, Boeing 737-300 (YR-BAP) was involved. He is 27.1 years old and flies in the Blue Air fleet from April 25 2016. We mention that in aviation there are no old or new airplanes, but suitable for flight or NOT. The plane was able to fly at takeoff.

Even though the plane has 27 years on paper, many of its components, including engines, have been systematically changed according to procedures.

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