Rome incident: pieces of an airplane engine fell on houses and cars

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On 10 August 2019, around 16: 15, an atypical aeronautical incident took place in Rome. Pieces of an airplane engine fell on houses and cars. From the investigations, the pieces fell from Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (LN-LND) Norwegian.

The aircraft took off from Rome Fiumicino with 298 of passengers on board, having the final destination in Los Angeles. When the aircraft reached 3000 meters, the pilots announced engine problems, a technical malfunction that led to this atypical incident. The aircraft returned to Rome, its emergency landing was smooth.

Pieces of an airplane engine fell on houses and cars

According to the "boot" press, 25 cars and 12 roofs were damaged. A person hit by a hot piece was also recorded. The affected area lies between Fiumicino and Isola Sacra, especially the area around Via Mariotti Street. According to the witnesses, most of the pieces had a length of 5 cm. But some were bigger, according to the pictures.

The National Agency for Flight Safety has opened an investigation. An inspector was sent to examine the aircraft's engine and also to assess damage to the ground.

The engine we are talking about is a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000. It is not excluded that, following this incident, the European authorities will request further investigations on all engines of this type, engine equipped aircraft of the type 787 Dreamliner. We are curious what led to the disintegration of this engine.

Local authorities want a review of how this runway - 16R-34L - is used at Rome Fiumicino International Airport. The mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, said that it is not excluded to request the closure of this track. He says it was built when the areas around the airport were already inhabited, not before. And its use becomes dangerous for the locals, as can be seen in this incident.

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