Incident aboard a Blue Air plane: 27 passenger for years forced cockpit door

During the Blue Air flight on the Birmingham - Bucharest route, an 27-year-old passenger tried to enter the cockpit of the aircraft. He expressed inappropriate behavior, with signs of nervousness and inconsistent language. It took off, on 27 March, from Birmingham Airport (17.42 local time) and landed, according to the flight schedule, on Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport (22.24 local time).

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Following the procedures, the commander announced the authorities at the Otopeni airport. During this time, the passenger did not show signs of violence against the crew or other passengers.

Incident on a Blue Air plane

As 27's passenger behavior continued to deteriorate and the procedures in place continued, the crew decided to immobilize and place it in the back of the cabin.

The passenger did not resist, there was no panic at any time, the whole situation being managed with maximum professionalism by our experienced and well-trained crew.

The passengers thanked our crew for their discretion, calm and safety in the decisions with which this situation was handled. Passenger safety is a priority, and the very good procedures and training of our crew members allow us to guarantee it on every flight.

Flight 0B152 of March 27, 2018, on the route Birmingham - Bucharest, was operated by Boeing 737-800 (YR-BMF). It is 19.1 years old and configured to carry up to 186 passengers.

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