0B9301 Flight incident Blue Air Bucharest - Barcelona via Cluj: Blue Air press release

0B9301 Flight incident Blue Air Bucharest - Barcelona via Cluj: Blue Air press release

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Update 18: 55:

“As a result of today's incident in Cluj, we would like to mention that all passengers scheduled on the 0B9301 flight on the Otopeni - Cluj - Barcelona route have reached their final destination. Once again, we thank you for the understanding and cooperation shown throughout today. We would like to mention that the schedule of no other Blue Air flight scheduled today has been affected by this incident.

From the data we have at the moment, the factual situation has proceeded as follows:
- The YR-BAS Boeing 737 400 series took off from Bucharest at 07 Time: 05 according to the flight schedule to Barcelona via Cluj. On board were 110 passengers and 6 crew members, following from Cluj other 45 passengers were boarded.
- Arrived near Cluj airport, in accordance with the standard approach and landing procedures, the aircraft commander came in contact with the traffic management service of Cluj airport, receiving the information that the runway is being cleared and being instructed to enter the procedure. waiting until the reopening of the runway estimated at 07: 50. The crew followed these instructions and started the waiting procedure, receiving new information from the traffic controllers of Cluj airport.
- During the holding procedure, the commander evaluated including the possibility of landing at one of the 2 reserve airports, informing about the weather conditions.
- At 07 time: 51, according to the instructions received previously, the crew contacted the traffic management body from which they received the clearance and landing authorization at Cluj airport.
- The plane made contact with the ground at 08: 00. The commander noticed during the deceleration procedure that the ground adhesion is not in accordance with the information received before the landing approval, the plane skidding and leaving the runway surface with approx. 10m.

The landing procedure was carried out in accordance with the operational rules of the aircraft manufacturer and of the company, norms approved by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority, based on the weather bulletins transmitted by the Romatsa controllers and issued by the Cluj Airport. According to these bulletins, the braking on the surface of the runway was average to good, which allowed safe landing.
Regarding speculations that appeared during the day, we want to clarify the official position of Blue Air. The plane took off from Otopeni fueled with sufficient fuel to carry out the flight mission, to be able to fly over a limited time to the destination airport and to reach a reserve airport with at least the legal minimum fuel reserve. The amount of fuel remaining on board the aircraft after landing in Cluj was 3000 Kg. Please note that at no time during the flight did the crew request the emergency landing due to lack of fuel or any other reason.
In these circumstances, we ask the general director of the Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj, Mr. David CICEO, to withdraw his erroneous and incriminating statements against Blue Air and to apologize for deliberately misinforming the public and Blue Air passengers.
At the moment there is an investigation opened by the Center for Investigations and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety, subordinated to the Ministry of Transport and as far as conclusions appear, we will communicate them to the public. ”

At 11 time: 30, Blue Air issued a press release regarding the incident in Cluj, in which the aircraft was involved Boeing 737-400 (YR-BAS). There were 110 passengers and 6 crew members on board. The plane was not stopped on the runway, leaving in the scenery about 10 meters. No casualties were recorded and an investigation was initiated by the authorities. Below is the Blue Air position:

Posted by Catherine Cata on Thursday, January 7, 2016

“At 08: 00 Blue air plane landed on the runway of Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj.
In the final braking phase of the landing procedure, the aircraft commander noted that the grip on the landing strip is not large enough to allow the landing to stop within the runway, the plane sliding about 10m off the runway.

According to the weather report sent by Romatsa (information taken from the Cluj airport representatives) at 07: 30 the braking on the runway was average to good with snow deposits. Under these conditions, according to the aircraft's operating handle, landing and braking can be done safely. After landing, a new weather bulletin was issued, the bulletin in which the weather conditions described were: covering up to 100% of the surface of the track with wet snow and average braking conditions.

In order to eliminate speculation about the fuel existing on board the aircraft, we would like to mention that there is sufficient fuel at the time of landing in accordance with the regulations in force and we firmly reject the claims that there was an emergency landing caused by the lack of fuel. We reinforce this by the fact that at no time did the commander request the emergency landing.

Regarding the 110 passengers who came from Bucharest together with the 45 passengers who were to depart from Cluj, they are being transferred to Sibiu from where another company aircraft will take them and transport them to Barcelona. . All passengers were provided with food and drinks during the waiting period. ”

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