Incident 3U-8633 Sichuan Airlines flight - cockpit windshield broken

Incident 3U-8633 Sichuan Airlines flight - cockpit windshield broken

The pilots of the 3U-8633 Sichuan Airlines flight had an unfortunate event. While at 9800 meters altitude, the right cockpit windshield broke, causing injuries to the co-pilot and significant damage to flight equipment.

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Today, the cabin crew and pilots of the 3U-8633 Sichuan Airlines flight went through an unfortunate event. While flying on the Chongqing - Lhasa (China) route, at about 9800 meters, the co-pilot's windshield broke.

Incident Flight 3U-8633 Sichuan Airlines

The First Officer was injured, and part of the aircraft's control panel was destroyed. Oxygen masks for passengers have been released. The commander initiated the emergency descent at 7100 meters - minimum safety altitude due to the mountains in the area. Then, the descent continued to 3000 meters, safety altitude for passengers and crew.

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Finally, the Airbus A319-100 aircraft was brought safely to the ground. He landed on runway 02R of Chengdu airport. A manual landing was performed because the on-board equipment was damaged. The co-pilot and a cabin crew member were injured and received emergency medical care.

The cockpit windshield broke

Due to the loud noise in the cockpit, the pilots were unable to establish the connection with the control tower, but reported the incident through the transponder.

CAAC Southwest Regional Administration officials have initiated an investigation to determine the causes that led to this incident. According to the technical report, the windscreen was the original one. The aircraft had accumulated 19.912 flight hours in 12.920 flight cycles without any problems. The last check you type C was made on 9 March 2017. And a Type A check was made on April 12. No technical problems were reported in the last 15 days. The investigation is ongoing.

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