INFO: Institutionalized quarantine or isolation at home if I cross a country in the red zone?

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Ever since the military ordinances and travel restrictions, people have started to have all kinds of questions about the reasons for traveling. Some of them are really well founded, others just for lack of urgency. To such questions, only those from Strategic Communication GroupI can answer you.

In fact, the Strategic Communication Group has always answered such questions. INFO: Transport from the airport to the home with the help of relatives / friends during COVID-19. INFO: What are we allowed and what are we not allowed to do during the emergency?

Now the ones from Bucharest airports they have obtained some interesting information regarding the quarantine or isolation of the people coming from the yellow area, but they are traveling through the countries of the red zone. The answer is below!

Institutionalized quarantine or isolation at home

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dear passengers, 📢 The Strategic Communication Group sends clarifications on how to apply the institutionalized quarantine measure for people who have transited a red zone country on their way to Romania❗️

❓❓❓Question: For the people who return to the country from the yellow area, but in the last 14 days have they been on the territory of a country from the red zone, is quarantine or isolation required?

Does the institutionalized quarantine take place in the person's place of origin or in the place where he returns to the country?

Answer: False statements are an offense, as provided in art. 326 of Law no. 286/2009 regarding the Criminal Code, with subsequent amendments and completions.

As regards the persons entering the territory of Romania the authorities will take the legal decision according to the declared ones, and will subsequently verify the veracity of the information provided.

📌Please note that from March 24, 2020, for all persons entering Romania, the measure of isolation at home or, as appropriate, quarantine, as provided in art. 5 paragraph (1) of the Military Ordinance no. 3.

You can check the website of the National Institute of Public Health which countries are included in the RED ZONE - for which the measure of institutionalized quarantine for 14 days is required. It is not relevant whether a person has spent a longer period in that country or was just passing through.

📌 Referring to the place where the quarantine is ordered, this is established in special spaces made available through the care of the local authorities, within the radius of the county of domicile of the person returning to the country.

❗️Please inform yourself only from official sources❗️

Bune Good thoughts to all!

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