INFO: The list of countries in the red zone (institutionalized quarantine) has been updated

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The Coronavirus pandemic spreads alarmingly quickly every day. Thousands of new cases are being announced all over the world, but mainly in Europe. Until the present, 950,430 people were detected with the new COVID-19 virus, of which 48,276 they died again 202,627 they have healed.

In Romania, the authorities reported 2738 cases with COVID-19, of which 94 died and 267 were cured.

National Institute of Public Health in Romania updated the list of countries in the red zone. All citizens, who come from these countries, will enter institutionalized quarantine. There it is list of countries in the red zone: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Turkey. As you can see, China and South Korea were eliminated from the red zone.

List of countries in the red zone

List of countries in the red zone

All persons arriving on an international trip will be in isolation at home for 14 days, under the careful monitoring of the authorities. These people are not allowed to leave the house. According to the military ordinances, the persons who do not respect the isolation at home will be institutionalized quarantined and obliged to pay the related expenses.

We mention that the periods of suspension of flights from / to Italy and Spain were extended. Flights to France and Germany are also suspended.

At this moment, there are several regular flights from / to Romania, especially to destinations in the United Kingdom. Only in the current context, with the UK entering the red zone, we do not exclude seeing these flights suspended. We return with information!

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