Info travel Bulgaria: border crossing recommendations in the 2022 summer tourist season

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Romanian citizens who intend to travel to the Republic of Bulgaria or transit through the country to the Hellenic Republic or the Republic of Turkey that during the summer tourist season 2022 it is possible to have long waiting times when crossing the Bulgarian border.

It is recommended to use all points open to international road traffic, as follows:

  • at the Romanian-Bulgarian border: Giurgiu-Ruse, Calafat – Vidin, Negru Vodă – Kardam, Vama Veche – Durankulak, Lipnița – Kainardja and Dobromir – Krushari (last two points with operating hours 08: 00-20: 00, for total permissible mass up to 3,5 t), Ostrov – Silitra, Bechet – Oryahovo (ferry), Turnu Măgurele – Nikopol (ferry) and Zimnicea – Svishtov (ferry) (last two border crossing points with operating hours 08:00 -20: 00);
  • on the Bulgarian-Greek border: Kulata – Promachonas; Makaza – Nimfea (total permissible mass of vehicles up to 3,5 t); Ilinden – Exohi (detour to the Kulata border crossing, route to Kavala); Captain Petko Voivode – Ormenion (route to Alexandropolis); Zlatograd – Termes and Ivaylovgrad – Kiprinos (last two border crossing points for motor vehicles with a total permissible mass of up to 3,5 t);
  • on the Bulgarian-Turkish border: Captain Andreevo – Kapikule; Lesovo – Hamzabeyli; Malko Tarnovo – Derekoy (the last border point has a reduced infrastructure and constantly has increased waiting times).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Romanian tourists ensure that they have sufficient resources for fuel, water and food and that the mobile means of communication remain in working order, and that Romanian international freight / passenger transport companies take appropriate measures to organize itineraries thoroughly. by taking into account the possibility of increasing waiting times when crossing the border and by providing the necessary water and food resources to the transported persons.

In this context, it is important to correctly inform the Romanian drivers, to purchase the electronic vignettes in time and to pay the TOLL type tolls accordingly for the use of the public road infrastructure in the Republic of Bulgaria.

All interested parties, individuals and transport companies, can obtain relevant information as follows:

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