INFO: How long are the flights from Romania to the countries of Europe suspended?

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Update 29.04.2020: Military Ordinance 10 extends the flight suspension period until May 14.

Every day we receive this question: How long are the flights from Romania to the countries of Europe suspended? As I announced a few days ago, Military Ordinance 7 suspended all flights to the countries considered in the red risk zone for COVID-19.

According to the Ordinance 7, but also of the other data previously, the suspension of flights to different countries is made during a period of 14 days from the date of entry into force of the ordinance / ordinances. But with the possibility of extending the suspension periods.

And now let's answer the question in the title. We remind you that, during this period, Military Ordinances are established, flight restrictions to and from:

How long are the flights suspended?

Italy - until April 20, 2020
Spania - until 28 April 2020
Germany - until April 22, 2020
Franta - until April 22, 2020
Austria - until 19 April 2020
Belgia - until 19 April 2020
Elvetia - until 19 April 2020
DOG - until 19 April 2020
UK - until 19 April 2020
Holland - until 19 April 2020
Turkey - until 19 April 2020
Iran - until 19 April 2020

Also, the domestic flights on the Romanian territory were also stopped. At the same time, a significant number of airlines have ceased their flights due to measures imposed by other states.

It is true that there are several regular flights from / to Romania. Wizz Air flies to destinations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Qatar Airways continues to fly on the route Bucharest - Doha. TAROM occasionally flies to Athens.

🛂These measures are ordered by the authorities of the Romanian state and can be extended until the danger of contracting the SARS - CoV - 2. virus disappears. 📺To find out when these restrictions will be removed, please follow the official communications of the state institutions.

📩 We encourage you to check the electronic mail used to purchase tickets, through which the airline can send you any notifications regarding the status of your flight.

🏡Don't forget: the more rigorous we will be in respect of all measures to prevent infection😷, the sooner we will be able to resume our travels! ✈️

INFO: Bucharest Airports / Military Ordinances 1-8

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