Information and adrenaline: the best documentaries about gambling


Gambling is a fascinating part of world history. And when we say history, we can start from the very beginnings of antiquity, from Sumer. No wonder you can find more documentaries about gambling and casinos.

That's why today we will present you 3 of the best productions of this type. If you are a fan of gambling, you must watch it. You will enrich your general culture about this phenomenon. We will tell you about "Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas", "Gambling Addiction & Me: The Real Hustler" and "The Best of It".

With these documents, you have access to the world of professional gambling. You also get some interesting insights into gambling addiction. Whether you play at brick-and-mortar casinos or online on platforms such as Superbet Casino Online, these three documentaries are of great help to you.

Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas

Louis Theroux is a famous British documentary maker with a unique style. He interviewed several people in Las Vegas and debunked the myths and legends of casino culture.

It's a documentary produced in 2007, and at the time, it was the fastest growing city in the US. He stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, now known as the Westgate Las Vegas. This was once the largest hotel in the world and had a style that combined classic and modern atmosphere.

In a single weekend, he explored the hotel's casino, and among the people he met were two high-stakes players and an employee watching over them. He also met a female doctor who bet a total of, according to his approximations, 4 million dollars.

One of Theroux's goals in this documentary is to examine the psychology of gambling addiction and the negative (even devastating) impact it has on individuals. It also presents casino tactics to retain customers, such as loyalty schemes and free drinks.

The documentary also shows you the rarely seen side of the city Las Vegas. Beyond the lights, luxury and fun, Theroux also presents you with socio-economic issues such as the poverty that some residents face.

Gambling Addiction & Me: The Real Hustler

And this documentary is from the UK, but it came out a little later, in 2012. Here you meet Alexis Conran, a professional poker player who likes to collect decks of cards. Besides playing poker, he spends an hour a day in his free time on card tricks.

Conran was born in Paris and his father suffered from gambling addiction. Because of this addiction, he became a criminal and would do anything to earn money to bet. Finally, he was arrested.

Although his father had similar problems in the family, Conran feels at home in a casino. But it is very interesting on the subject of gaming addiction. In particular, he is interested in how and at what point gambling becomes addictive. How some people can have fun and then just hang up and walk away, while others gamble compulsively and end up ruining their lives.

In the documentary, the Frenchman travels through Great Britain, to Las Vegas and to Athens, the place where he grew up. He meets various addicts and experts who try to explain the psychology of gambling addiction. Conran also shows how casinos and other organizations try to combat and prevent this scourge.

The Best of It

This documentary came out in 2016 and features the stories of 4 professional players. It shows the real and harsh version of the life of punters. It does not glorify this lifestyle in any way and focuses on the challenges players face.

Although they are different, they treat sports betting as a full time service. However, it is certain that betting, made at a professional level, requires a lot of effort, time and patience. The 4 punters are Boston, Dink, Banker and The Shrink.

  • Boston: is a basketball bettor with over 30 years of experience. He prefers the traditional style and relies heavily on instinct.
  • Dink: He also spent time in a re-education home. He has a career spanning over 20 years as a punter in Las Vegas.
  • Banker: He arrived in Las Vegas in the 50s and was connected to the underworld that controlled the city at the time. Only in the 80s did he become a big bettor. He had informants from whom he learned about injuries and the condition of the teams in advance. This information helped him win big odds predictions.
  • The Shrink: He wanted a career in psychology and hence the nickname. In the 90s, he created the largest betting forum, where he became a kind of therapist for those with problems on the site.


With these 3 documentaries, you get extremely interesting information about how casinos operate. Learn more about the players and their fascinating life stories. Last but not least, the documentaries deal with the subject of gambling addiction.

After you've watched these documentaries, we also recommend watching "Inside The Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure Documentary Film" and "The Player: Secrets Of A Vegas Whale".

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